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Top 4 Marketing Strategies for Dental Startups

You’ve just started your own dental practice. Your team is trained, your phones are ready, and you’re ready to start your career off right. One question remains: how do you reach and retain the ideal, new patients you hope to serve? In this article you will learn the top 4 marketing strategies for dental startups. […]

What was the best business advice you were ever given?

  Everyone’s a critic. It’s easy to find advice from those around you, but the real difficulty lies in discerning what guidance is truly invaluable. Sometimes, the guidance you need impacts you immediately. For me, the best advice I have been given happened on two occasions, in two very different times of my life. The […]

Dental Curse Words

There are certain words that will instantly invoke fear in your patients on a psychological level.  These words will make their visit less enjoyable and have them focusing on their fears versus the end result of having a beautiful and healthy smile. Using these words in a conversation with a new patient can discourage them […]

3 Quick Dental Marketing Tips

1. Make sure your patients know what services you offer. Many dentists skip the suggestion to develop a customized brochure for their office.  They think that the freebies sent in the mail provide enough information about their services.  Patients often see these brochures and still question their dentists ability to perform those services.  A branded brochure […]