Dental Logo Design

Great for new dentists, rebranding your practice, updating old look, new practice, dentists purchasing an old practice.

Dental logos can make or break a business. Many dentists don’t realize that branding is the first step to an effective marketing campaign. Your logo is the first thing that will stick in people’s minds, making it the thing they will most associate with you and your business.


Dental Logo

I purchased an existing practice and later found out that they were not well-respected in the community. I worked with Identity Dental Marketing on a new branding package, and now I have a logo that stands out and differentiates me from the old business. I’m so grateful for the renewed business.

Dr. Ryan


Strong branding helps you stand out, and your logo is the first thing that will stick in people’s heads. It delivers a consistent and memorable message about your dental practice. We’ll help you identify and communicate your brand to your patients and future patients. Whether you are a dental spa, a fun pediatric office, a relaxed sedation practice, an implant provider, we can help you use your brand to attract new patients. There is an element in branding in almost everything you do. We’ll help you to stay consistent. We’ll also utilize psychological principles to make your brand as effective as possible.

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