Month: October 2018

Best Dental Marketing | Great Dental Logos

Great dental logos are simple. Simplicity, like that seen in the iconic Nike swoosh, the famous Apple or the Golden Arches is intentional. The simpler the logo, the more memorable, the better. Great dental logos use modern font. Sans serif fonts are trending currently and perceived as modern and chic. Cursive is no longer a […]

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Ethical Dental Marketing | Facebook: The Power of Engagement

More than 1.7 billion people use Facebook each month. It has become a platform that serves a wide range of functions. Facebook users share slices of life, both good and bad, with friends, family members, and other connections. When your patients visit your office, it is highly probable that they will post about their experience […]

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Best Dental Marketing Company | Opportunity Called – Did You Answer?

The first step to growing your practice is attracting new patients. Your website, social media, and marketing are all geared toward the idea of getting people to call your office. To help convert this interest into new patient appointments, you have probably spent time selecting and training the team members who answer the phones during […]

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