Month: October 2018


It’s really sad when I go into an office and I hear the doctor being outright mean to his team. Listen, I know it’s a stressful job. I know you team isn’t always doing everything right. I’m seeing an increase in disrespect within the dental office. It seems that the doctor is busy in the […]

Dental Marketing Plans

When a company invests in marketing, there is one goal in mind; to see results. One problem that many practices face when outsourcing marketing is that the different aspects of their marketing strategy are non-cohesive. Identity Dental Marketing is a one stop shop for dentists looking to expand their marketing productivity with our customized dental […]

Is Your Site Out of Style?

You may not realize it but there are design trends for websites. We sometimes play this game in the office, where we guess the age a website was designed and then look up the date. We’re usually spot on. Just because your website looks bad today, doesn’t mean you weren’t happy with it 3 years […]