Internal Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Identity Dental Marketing

Hiring the right staff is just the first step to a winning team. Providing the proper formal sales training is crucial to the success of your practice. We will provide you with monthly strategies to address topics that contribute to your practice growth.

At Identity Dental Marketing, we help your staff confidently respond to patients in ways that will increase business. Is your staff trained in how to respond to these comments?

  • “How much do you charge for a cleaning?”
  • “I’ll just call and book my next appointment.”
  • ”I’m going to switch dental offices because my insurance has changed.”

Is your staff unknowingly letting these patients slip through the cracks? The sooner you prepare your staff with answers to these questions, the sooner you will experience growth. Each month you’ll provide the tools necessary to implement useful information, take-home packets for reference, FAQ, and a Q&A submission to allow us to address your particular concerns.

Topics Include: The 4 Phone Principles, How To Increase Patient Case Acceptance, Advanced Verbal Skills, Complaints to Compliments – Making Patients Happy, Eliminate No Shows & Cancellations, Loss Leaders in Dentistry, Improving Collections, Social Networking for Dentists, and more.