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Identity Dental Marketing

We have seen that real results come from a collaboration of strategic dental marketing strategies. Each team member brings a unique skill set that will contribute to the success of your dental practice. We’re here for you!

How We’re Different

  • Personal Attention: Whether you need a brief second opinion or you have an immediate pressing concern, we’re here for you. Your success is our success.
  • Dental Experience: Several members of our team have worked in the dental office, we understand the unique obstacles you face on a regular basis. We have the ability to provide a complete list of marketing services and consulting that specifically relates to you.
  • Proven Strategies: We don’t just make suggestions, we make suggestions that work. We’re confident that our suggestions will bring a measurable increase in business, new patients and organization for your dental practice.

Get to know Grace


Best Dental Marketing - Grace Rizza

Grace is the proud owner of Identity Dental Marketing where she has made it her personal mission to improve the business of each dental practice she works with by a measurable amount. In her first position as a Marketing Director for a multiple location dental practice, she tripled the number of new patients seen on a monthly basis (in 3 short months, on the same marketing budget). From there, she created a variety of sales-focused training workshops, attended many marketing seminars and became obsessed with dental marketing and branding as whole.

Recently selected as a 2019 Honoree at the Daily Herald Business Ledger’s Influential Women in Business Awards, Grace is led by her philosophy of helping as many people succeed as she can.

Over the course of her career, Grace has become a recognized Dental Marketing expert. She was featured as an expert on the ADA 2016 Dental Marketing Expert Panel and has authored articles in professional journals, most recently penning a Dental Marketing article for Practice Booster’s Insurance Solutions Newsletter. Grace has experience in the creation and execution of marketing strategies, public and community relations, networking, patient communications, staff sales training, phone scripting and training, advertising, internet/web presence, SEO (search engine optimization), direct mail programs, email newsletters, and much more.

An accredited international speaker, Grace approaches every speaking engagement as an opportunity to educate, empower, and entertain her audience. She teaches dentists how to achieve practice growth in the most ethical and efficient ways. She inspires her audience to embrace change in order to grow. Whether connecting with an audience of 20 or 200, Grace’s information can transform a surviving practice into a thriving practice.

Dental Marketing is Grace’s passion and she is committed to providing you with a superior marketing and consulting experience.

Get to know Ivan


With over six years of experience working in digital marketing, Iván is a key member of our team. He is skilled in Google ads, SEO, analytics, and reporting.

Iván is Google Ads Certified in search ads, video ads, display ads, and measurement. He as also earned a Google Analytics Individual Qualification. Iván is skilled in helping clients achieve their business goals by implementing creative and unique strategies tailored for each client’s specific needs.

A very personable, caring, and genuine person, Iván truly cares about his co-workers and our clients. He works hard every day to do his best to support each and every individual as much as possible. When we asked him why he liked working at Identity Dental Marketing so much, he said that he really enjoyed learning new things every day.

When he’s not in the office, Iván is spending time with his 5 year old daughter who he calls his “entire world”. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports and coaching his daughter’s soccer team. He loves to make the most of every moment that he can with her and his entire family. They enjoy traveling to new parts of the world and experiencing new and unique cultures together.

Get to know Lea


With eight years of experience in dental management and seven years of clinical experience as a Certified Dental Assistant, Lea is an asset to our management team. Lea’s management designs have been successful in private practices through structures such as startups, multiple location practices, partnerships, and acquisitions. Lea holds a BS degree in Biology from Georgia State University. With her understanding of all the aspects involved in running a successful dental practice, she will be able to create tools that will facilitate the growth of your practice.

Lea shares that “Our team at Identity Dental Marketing takes pride in our transparent and consistent communication methods as a whole. We work together on all aspects of our projects in order to create phenomenal marketing campaigns for our clients so that they can best serve their patients. Every day is a great day at Identity Dental Marketing!”

In her free time, Lea enjoys spending time with her husband and three beautiful children. Her family enjoys traveling, snorkeling, and spending time in the mountains, taking in the beauty of nature. She also has 2 Maine Coon cats and a Staffordshire granddog.

Get to know Mack


Mack is a seasoned digital marketing advisor at Identity Dental Marketing. With 10+ years of experience and his Google Ads certifications, Mack is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. He values personal connections, integrity, and delivering tangible results. Mack enjoys family time, music, travel, and hobbies like reading, kayaking, and painting. He finds fulfillment in taking ownership of his work at Identity Dental Marketing, where he advises clients and collaborates with a talented team.

Get to know Ali


Ali is an Advisor at Identity Dental Marketing with a Bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University. Since 2017, Ali has been passionate about helping clients exceed their business goals. With a go-getter attitude and a focus on personal connections, clients appreciate her enthusiasm and dedication. Outside of work, Ali enjoys exploring brunch spots and going on hikes with her husband and dog.

Get to know Parker


Parker is a Business Management graduate from The University of Wisconsin and an expert Advisor with credentials in Al-Powered performance ads, Google ads measurement, Google ads creative, and offline sales. Since 2017, Parker has been helping businesses succeed with their creative and strategic marketing approach. Clients appreciate Parker’s personable nature and deep understanding of the dental industry. Beyond work, Parker enjoys running and spending time with family, friends, and their playful Goldendoodle.

Get to know Tyler

Dental Marketing Associate

Tyler has a Bachelors Degree in Communication from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Minor in Public Relations. He loves putting 100% into whatever comes his way and is always open to new challenges. He is known as a resourceful teammate and is always available to lend a hand.

In his free time, Tyler enjoys watching and critiquing films, playing new board games with friends, and traveling with his fiance.

Get to know Georgette

Dental Marketing Associate

Georgette comes to us from Elmhurst College, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology. She interned with a marketing firm during her final semester in college where she got a crash course in the basics of marketing. This was how she came to know that she wanted to work in the industry and how she found her way to applying with Identity Dental Marketing.

Georgette says that she loves the culture at Identity Dental Marketing and learns something new every day. “I am very open to learning and taking on new challenges to keep expanding my knowledge about all things marketing. Our team is so helpful and resourceful. Everyone wants each other to succeed in their role,” she says.

When Georgette is not hard at work, she enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with her friends and family, and going to concerts.

Get to know Sierra

Internet Marketing Associate

Sierra is an Internet Marketing Associate at Identity Dental Marketing. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media from East Tennessee State University, Sierra entered the field of digital marketing in 2022 and holds certifications in Google Ads and meta marketing.

Sierra finds immense joy in optimizing clients’ accounts to their fullest potential and witnessing the positive results that stem from her team’s collective efforts. Clients appreciate Sierra’s positive attitude and effective communication, as she prioritizes their needs and concerns with promptness and efficiency.

With her expertise and dedication, Sierra contributes to the success of Identity Dental Marketing and she takes pride in her job. Sierra helps clients achieve their goals and experiences the satisfaction of making a positive difference in their lives.

Outside of work, Sierra enjoys making candles for fun and indulging in her love for books. She shares her home with her husband and three pets—two dogs and a cat. Sierra’s role at Identity Dental Marketing allows her to directly impact the growth of dental practices, a rewarding endeavor that she embraces wholeheartedly.

Get to know Claire

Graphic Designer

After she graduated from Michigan State in the Spring of 2021 with a BFA in Graphic Design, we welcomed Claire to our team here at Identity Dental Marketing.

Claire has an amazing eye for design and works on a myriad of projects including website design, logo design, social media creatives, and much more. Her style and work ethic make her an incredibly important part of our team.

When we asked her what she enjoyed most about working at Identity Dental Marketing, Claire said that she enjoys the challenge of utilizing her creativity to promote a client’s brand and help them communicate their mission. Since she joined our team, Claire has continued to grow. She says, “I love how much I’m learning and the number of skills I’m gaining. Not just in the field of design, but marketing and seeing how they are intertwined.”

When she’s not working on the next project, Claire enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She likes crafting, staying active outside, exploring, and traveling.

Get to know Sophia

Social Media Marketing Associate

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications from Full Sail University, Sophia entered the marketing world to explore her passion for social media and digital design, which then led her to Identity Dental Marketing. She specializes in social media, content creation, and podcast management. Sophia’s positive attitude and work ethic are infectious, and she’s always willing to use her strengths to help out in any way she can.

In her free time, Sophia enjoys traveling to new places, attending concerts, and spending time with family and friends.

Get to know Erin

Administrative Support/Writer

Erin is an Administrative Support/Writer at Identity Dental Marketing, with a strong dental background and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She joined the dental marketing field in 2015 and has become an invaluable team member.

Known for her exceptional organizational skills, Erin enjoys utilizing her talent to support the team and ensure smooth operations. She combines her passion for writing with her extensive dental knowledge to create effective marketing strategies tailored to clients’ goals.

She thrives on the challenges and collaborative nature of her role at Identity Dental Marketing, working together with the team to help clients achieve their marketing objectives. With her expertise, organizational prowess, and dedication, Erin plays a vital role in Identity Dental Marketing, ensuring clients receive exceptional support and custom marketing strategies for success in the dental industry.

Clients appreciate Erin’s ability to speak the language of dentistry and understand the key elements of a successful practice, leading to personalized solutions that exceed expectations.

Outside of work, Erin is a proud mother of twin girls and enjoys practicing yoga, exploring the mountains of Colorado, and experimenting with cooking.

Get to know Karissa

Blogger/ Social Media Scheduler

Karissa is a dedicated Blogger and Social Media Scheduler at Identity Dental Marketing. With a passion for organization and an eye for detail, Karissa ensures that the online presence of the business remains vibrant and captivating.

What Karissa cherishes most about her role is the constant engagement it offers. She thrives on maintaining a dynamic schedule and finds immense satisfaction in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Her enthusiasm for the field is mirrored in her keen interest in web changes, allowing her to blend creativity with technical proficiency.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Karissa cherishes time spent with her loving husband and two cats. She’s a passionate artist who has illustrated several children’s books. Outside of work, she and her husband aspire to one day fulfill their dream of running their own family farm.

Choosing to work for Identity Dental Marketing has been a rewarding journey for Karissa. She revels in the opportunities presented to her to learn, evolve, and diversify her skill set. The business’s nurturing environment not only allows her to contribute meaningfully but also enables her to explore avenues she might not have encountered in other roles.

Karissa’s dedication to her role as Blogger/Social Media Scheduler at Identity Dental Marketing, her creative spirit, and her aspirations beyond the professional realm make her an invaluable asset to the team, driving the company’s online presence with passion and finesse.

About our Developers

Our developers work tirelessly to create engaging dental websites, coded and designed to deliver results and exceed your expectations.

With over 10 years of experience in custom website development, our team uses the most current methods to combine form and functionality into the best solutions for you.

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