About Us

We have seen that real results come from a collaboration of strategic dental marketing strategies. Each team member brings a unique skill set that will contribute to the success of your dental practice. We’re here for you!

Get to know Grace


Grace is the proud owner of Identity Dental Marketing where she has made it her personal mission to improve the business of each dental practice she works with by a measurable amount. In her first position as a Marketing Director for a multiple location dental practice, she tripled the number of new patients seen on a monthly basis (in 3 short months, on the same marketing budget). From there, she created a variety of sales-focused training workshops, attended many marketing seminars and became obsessed with dental marketing and branding as whole.

Over the course of her career, Grace has become a recognized Dental Marketing expert. She was featured as an expert on the ADA 2016 Dental Marketing Expert Panel and has authored articles in professional journals, most recently penning a Dental Marketing article for Practice Booster’s Insurance Solutions Newsletter. Grace has experience in the creation and execution of marketing strategies, public and community relations, networking, patient communications, staff sales training, phone scripting and training, advertising, internet/web presence, SEO (search engine optimization), direct mail programs, email newsletters, and much more.

An accredited international speaker, Grace approaches every speaking engagement as an opportunity to educate, empower, and entertain her audience. She teaches dentists how to achieve practice growth in the most ethical and efficient ways. She inspires her audience to embrace change in order to grow. Whether connecting with an audience of 20 or 200, Grace’s information can transform a surviving practice into a thriving practice.

Dental Marketing is Grace’s passion and she is committed to providing you with a superior marketing and consulting experience.



Get to know Megan McElwee

Director of Excellence

Our Director of Excellence, Megan, is a knowledgeable and efficient asset in our Digital Marketing Department. Megan enjoys having her finger on the pulse of marketing trends, and she works to implement strategies that lead to practice growth for our clients. Around the Identity office, Megan is recognized for her resourceful nature and desire to learn and master new skills.

When Megan isn’t assisting in Identity’s marketing efforts, she’s probably reading or spending time with her family, friends, and cat, Alejandro. Come football season, you’ll find Megan donning green and gold, cheering her Green Bay Packers to victory.


Get to know Megan Mayfield

Project Manager

Our Project Manager, Megan, is smart, detail-oriented, and driven. She has a meticulous eye for both writing and design and she puts that to use overseeing our creative team. Megan loves talking with our clients, understanding their vision, and showcasing what makes them unique.

Outside the office, Megan is an avid reader who enjoys board games and spending time with her 2 beloved cats.


Get to know Dixie

Director of Communication

Our Director of Communication, Dixie, is known around the Identity office for her way with details and her can-do attitude. She thoroughly enjoys using her skills to benefit our team and our clients. Always eager and willing to learn, Dixie graduated with a BA from WVSU and a BA in English from Marshall University.

Dixie is a lifelong avid reader who never has less than a dozen books ready to be read. When she’s not at Identity or enthralled in a new book, she’s likely enjoying some quality time with her son or whipping-up a batch of her world-class brownies.


Get to know Meg

Lead Graphic Designer

As our Lead Graphic Designer, Meg brings her creativity and passion to every project. Meg loves art in all its myriad forms and enjoys designing a wide range of print and online materials for our clients. Meg loves working with a team that encourages her to learn, grow, and achieve without limits.

Outside the office, Meg loves spending time with her husband and young son. On a sunny day, Meg and her family can often be found outside enjoying a motorcycle ride together.


Get to know Kate

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Kate brings creativity and passion to every project she undertakes. Around the office, Kate is known for her style, humor, and teamwork. She always has a smile ready and loves bringing life to a client’s vision.

When not working, Kate enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Get to know Ann Marie

Social Media Expert

Our Social Media Expert, Ann Marie, loves the constant challenge of online engagement. After winning a design award in high school, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. At Identity, Ann Marie is known for approaching each day and each new project with energy and enthusiasm.

Outside the office, Ann Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and their son. She can often be found laughing with family and friends and doting on her beloved Corgi.


Get to know Jen

Internet Marketing Associate

As an Internet Marketing Associate, Jen loves the constant opportunity for growth she has found with Identity. She enjoys finding new opportunities to serve our clients and appreciates how our team is always willing to work together to achieve our goals. Jen’s degree in Advertising emphasized branding and marketing, giving her a solid foundation on which to build her skills.

When she’s not at work, Jen enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and little dog Muffy. In her free time, she can often be found pursuing her hobbies of painting and drawing.


Get to know Neal

Internet Marketing Associate

Neal enjoys helping our clients achieve greater levels of success. He enjoys the technical, detail-oriented aspects of his role and is constantly challenging himself to become more efficient. Neal’s dedication, positivity, and subtle humor make him a true asset to our team.

When he’s not working, Neal enjoys cheering on Chicago sports teams, including the Bears, Bulls, White Sox, and Blackhawks.


Get to know Daniel

Internet Marketing Associate

From fulfilling website change requests to implementing online marketing strategies, Daniel is dedicated to helping our clients succeed. Around the office, Daniel is known for finding the humorous side of everything and for his can-do attitude.


Get to know John

Internet Marketing Associate

As an internet marketing associate, John embraces the wide range of skills he is able to utilize each day. From learning new marketing strategies and techniques to help our clients to creating attention-grabbing and educational content, John is ready for anything.

When not working, John enjoys spending time with friends and family.


Get to know Danny

On-Site Videography/Photography Director

Danny has an extensive background in photography and videography. He enjoys meeting doctors and office staff and helping to showcase what makes them unique. Danny loves being able to talk with patients and help them to share their stories about how dental care has changed their lives.

Danny is an avid long-distance runner, hiker, and cyclist. When not working with camera in hand, he likes spending time woodworking and spending time with his wife and two children.


Get to know Nick

Human Resources

Nick has become known at Identity for his patient, easygoing demeanor. His background in recruiting talent keeps our team growing to accommodate needs of our clients.

Nick was raised in central IL as the oldest of 4 boys, and the only one to not follow their father into his custom woodworking business. When not working, Nick loves to spend time with his family. His hobbies include golf, reading, cooking, comedy, and fitness.


How We’re Different

  • Personal Attention: Whether you need a brief second opinion or you have an immediate pressing concern, we’re here for you. Your success is our success.
  • Dental Experience: Several members of our team have worked in the dental office, we understand the unique obstacles you face on a regular basis. We have the ability to provide a complete list of marketing services and consulting that specifically relates to you.
  • Proven Strategies: We don’t just make suggestions, we make suggestions that work. We’re confident that our suggestions will bring a measurable increase in business, new patients and organization for your dental practice.

About our Developers

Both of our developers are local to the United States. They each have 10+ years of experience in custom website development and utilize a variety of up-to-date methods, allowing for nothing less than the best solutions.

Each of our developers follow strict guidelines, ensuring top quality, consistent results for each of our custom designed and coded, fully responsive, WordPress Dental Websites.