Schedule with Grace:

Get to know Grace


Grace is the proud owner of Identity Dental Marketing where she has made it her personal mission to improve the business of each dental practice she works with by a measurable amount.

In her first position as a Marketing Director for a multiple-location dental practice, she tripled the number of new patients seen on a monthly basis (in 3 short months, on the same marketing budget).

From there, she created a variety of sales-focused training workshops, attended many marketing seminars, and became obsessed with dental marketing and branding as a whole.

This marketing planning session is available to practice owners.

During this session, our strategist may:

  • Discuss your individual goals
  • Review the level of competition in your market
  • Evaluate your brand
  • Understand your ideal new patient cohort
  • Review the current new patient flow
  • Understand your current marketing
  • Create a custom marketing solution (if applicable)

The practice owner or decision maker must be on the call. This time is reserved for you exclusively. Just like when a patient doesn’t show up for an appointment, a no-show does negatively impact our business.

We prefer a Zoom call, as it allows us to share our screens and review the level of competition, your website, and other technical components of your current market or online presence.