What are Google’s new Local Service Ads?

Google’s new Local Service Ads (LSAs) are a new way for local service businesses to connect with customers who are looking for their services. The ads are tailored to the customer’s local area and are only shown to customers who are within a certain distance of the business. The ads appear at the top of Google search results and include ratings, reviews, and other relevant information about the business. Businesses can pay for the ads on a pay-per-lead basis and will only be charged if a customer contacts them.

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LSAs are designed to provide a convenient and trustworthy way for customers to find and hire local service providers, such as dentists, and to help these providers attract more business. To qualify for LSAs, service providers must meet certain eligibility criteria and undergo a background check and screening process to ensure their credibility.

Why should dentists use Local Service Ads?

Increased visibility: LSAs appear at the top of search results, giving your practice greater visibility and exposure to potential customers.

Targeted advertising: LSAs are designed to target patients who are searching for dental services in a specific location, making them highly targeted and effective.

Credibility and trust: LSAs require dentists to undergo background checks and screenings, which can help build credibility and trust with potential patients.

Pay-per-lead pricing: LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead model, which means service providers only pay for leads that result in actual customer contact.

Easy management: LSAs are easy to manage and track through a dedicated dashboard, allowing dentists or anyone on their team to monitor their ad performance and adjust their strategy as needed.

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Google’s Local Service Ads Summed Up:

Google’s Local Service Ads are a great way for dentists to reach customers in their area. They create a better customer experience by providing relevant and local search results, and they appear at the top of Google search results, giving businesses more visibility. Additionally, businesses only have to pay for leads, so they can control their ad budget more easily. Finally, the ads include customer reviews and ratings, giving potential customers more information to make an informed decision. Overall, Google’s Local Service Ads provide a convenient and effective way for dentists to attract new patients and grow their businesses.

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