Sleep Apnea Marketing for Dentists

Market your sleep apnea services – and save lives!

Identity Dental Marketing

Targeted Website for Sleep Apnea Treatment

We will design and develop a customized targeted website based on your sleep apnea services. Your targeted website will be optimized for SEO to help you gain rankings in your local area for sleep apnea targeted searches.

SEO for Sleep Apnea Services, $300/month

Our strategic, ethical SEO services are proven effective for improving search rankings so that prospective patients in your area find your practice at the top of Google and other search engines. We will work with you to select optimal keywords for your sleep apnea services and our team works daily on your campaign.

Internal Marketing Kit, $297

Kit includes:

Custom Branded Informational Flyer sharing the symptoms and dangers of sleep apnea, Team instructions for presenting this information to patients

Sleep Apnea Patient Questionnaire – as part of new patient forms and for existing patients’ charts

“Breathe Easy, Sleep Easy” Presentation
Treatment presentation (PowerPoint) to show patients who are at risk for sleep apnea based on their questionnaire. Included in the presentation is the use of CPAP supplies that can help you breathe.

“Breathe Easy, Sleep Easy” Ad
Custom Branded Sleep Apnea Advertisement

Internet Marketing Materials for Website, $297


Landing page for your website including: Sleep apnea quiz, information, symptoms, your doctor’s sleep apnea video blog, testimonials from real people who have suffered from sleep apnea

Script for recording a sleep apnea video blog by YOU, the expert, edited with an entry and exit slide for a call to action and added professionalism

Letter to Local Sleep Specialists and Physicians, $297

We will provide a custom-branded letter for your team to send to local sleep specialists and physicians. It will include the following:

  • Your certification/credentials for sleep apnea treatment
  • The available treatment option(s) that you offer to patients
  • Request information from them about how you can work together to benefit your mutual patients

Sleep Apnea Social Media Campaign, $297

We will design 10 sleep apnea-related images for you to post on your social media pages. These will often feature FAQs about sleep apnea, as well as benefits from receiving treatment through your office. They will be custom designed to include your practice name.

You can also post your video blog on social media platforms. (Part of the internet marketing portion listed above.)

*Price does not include the posting of these 10 social banners.

Radio Advertising Script, $297

Radio advertising is a great way to connect with patients who may be suffering from sleep apnea. We know the best words to use when crafting a series of radio ads for your local community.

The information you share will save lives in your local community. Many are under-educated about sleep apnea and ill-informed about the repercussions of leaving this condition untreated. Do your part to spread the word, while attracting new patients.

*Does not include recording of the spot or media planning, which is often provided by your local radio station.

Local Marketing Design Materials for Print, $299

Have you considered attending health fairs or promoting your sleep apnea treatment to local organizations? Attend local events and offer screenings and information for those passing your table.

We will design a custom-branded postcard, which includes a free screening and exam at your practice. (We can adjust the offer if necessary.)

We will provide a screening questionnaire to generate a list of potential new patients who may benefit from a sleep apnea screening.

We will provide a custom 4’ x 2’ banner to hang on your booth or table to promote your practice and sleep apnea services.

In addition, you’ll receive a list of tips to make your next event sponsorship a success!

*Custom quotes available for other banner sizes
*Prices do not include printing