Month: October 2018

Awkward Yoga Class

My husband surprised me with a gift this weekend. He booked an appointment for me to check out a new yoga studio near my home. He signed me up for a free one-on-one session and a class. Upon entering the studio, I was greeted kindly by a woman who I believe is the owner. She […]

Leveraging LinkedIn to Attract New Patients

LinkedIn recently debuted LinkedIn ProFinder, their resource specifically designed to lead LinkedIn users to freelancers and independent consultants in their area. And though the new tool isn’t geared towards dentistry, it got us thinking: what can you, a dentist, do to leverage LinkedIn to attract new patients? The Three Best Ways for a Dentist to […]

What are my Pantone Colors?

The Pantone Matching System is the universal authority on color that standardizes colors on printed materials. Why can’t my designer provide me with Pantone colors? Let’s envision that you’ve recently approved your new logo and launched your new website. You love it! Now, it’s time to print business cards, signage and more. How do you […]

Is your website sabotaging your dental practice?

In a time when so many people gather information and make decisions based off of what they see on the Internet, a strong persuasive website is a necessity for your practice. A clean and gorgeous website implies clean and gorgeous dentistry.  Moreover, how is your brand messaging being translated online? If you’re a “modern” dental practice […]

Don’t Be Jeb

We can all learn a lesson from Jeb Bush. You may be assuming that we are referencing his political stance or campaign tactics, but that is not the case here. In fact, we at Identity Dental Marketing will always associate him with these three words: domain name fail. You see, by the time Jeb began […]