Month: October 2018

Best Dental Marketing | Ads in Local Finder: How Google’s new update will affect your SEO Strategy

The ever-changing Google algorithm has produced two updates that will undoubtedly affect local search marketing. Here’s what Google’s new updates mean for your dental practice’s Internet Marketing strategy: About a week ago, Search Engine Land reported that paid advertisements will now appear in Google’s Local Finder results. This update affects the results that appear once […]

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Ethical Dental Marketing | How to Market Customized Dental Care

Ask yourself this question: Why do patients choose you over other doctors in your area? Your answer to that question is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and in dentistry, your USP should be the foundation of your brand/reputation. So, if your answer to that question is, “patients choose me because I’m the friendly, personable, and […]

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Best Dental Marketing | Google News: Google removes sidebar ads

In the latter part of February 2016, Google updated its desktop search platform by removing the sidebar, “Right Rail,” Google Ads section. Now, Google advertisements are displayed either at the very top of one’s screen, within the top 3-4 results, or at the very bottom. This update makes competition higher and drives up rates for […]

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