6 Ways to Avoid Burnout While Growing Your Business

When you started your business, you were likely excited to the point that you found it difficult to sleep at night. As years pass, that excitement has transformed. You may still find it rewarding and enjoyable, however, you may be looking for ways to reignite that passion for your profession.

As your business has grown, you’ve likely found comfort in a growing salary. You may have found emotional support as you’ve attracted and coached the right fit team. It’s very often the case, however, that even the most successful business leaders lack balance in their life. If not carefully tended, this imbalance of focus can result in regret.

At the ripe age of 24, I became an entrepreneur. I started my niche marketing business (Identity Dental Marketing) from a shared 3 bedroom apartment, with nothing but a laptop and little dog. When the rest of my friends were working a 9-5, I enjoyed an 8am-11pm role. I’d visit friends and bring my laptop (and dog) along to get some designs done while they watched a football game. I was nothing less than obsessed.

It was somewhat easy to establish balance until I became blessed with children. Balancing the demands of mom, boss and wife is difficult, especially on very little sleep, while managing travel and juggling child care. Often times, I meet dental friends who question how I have the ability to scale my business, enjoy my family, moderate my forum (The Dental Marketing Forum – By Grace Rizza) and have any sort of social life. Not every day is perfect, clearly, but I’ve found some pretty solid tips that can help any thriving business person.

  1. Abolish guilt. It plays no productive role in your life. Whether you stay home, work full time, work part time – you’ll be judged. It’s part of being human. Train your brain to depend less on what others think of you and more on what your family thinks of you. Train your children to respect your career and use it as a way to show them they can have whatever they want out of life. This will allow you the emotional freedom to detach and commit 100% to your career during the time you’ve dedicated for work.
  2. Commit to a schedule and stick to it! If you’ve decide that you’ll be home by 5 every night, take your last meeting at 4pm. The clients who are right for you will understand. They will respect your boundaries and will become great long-term clients. Schedule time for yourself, too. Once per week, enjoy a night out with your significant other. One day per week, schedule your “me” time. If you don’t feed your soul, you cannot help others with passion and excitement.
  3. Plan trips away. Time away from your business allows you to re-energize your mind. It allows you to experience tastes of that excitement that you felt when first getting started.
  4. Only do what only you can do. Make a list of the responsibilities you wish to never again have to do. Now, create a hiring plan to allow you to delegate these tasks to the appropriate people. Allow your team to make mistakes. It’s painful, but necessary. Embrace first time mistakes as learning experiences. Second time mistakes should be addressed quite differently.
  5. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments. Embrace self-love. This will make you strong and help you overcome the criticism that inevitably follows success.
  6. RSVP no. Turn down social activities when you need a break. Your true friends will understand.

Whether you’re new to business, a new parent or a seasoned efficiency pro, I hope this information helps you to avoid burnout and find more satisfaction in your life.

Signs of a Weak Minded Leader

I’ll start by saying that I fully realize this is not my average dental marketing post. I do agree however that there’s no greater new patient magnet than by building a happy, healthy and motivated team. I will also start by admitting guilt to some of these awful tendencies.

Any successful small business owner wears many hats. At times, leadership can be exciting and rewarding. At other times, it can cause exhaustion. The stress brought on by rapid business growth can cause anxiety that can seep into the atmosphere and rust the well-oiled machine you’ve worked so hard to build.

If you notice yourself committing any of the following characteristics of the weak minded leader, it may be time for a period of reflection and recharge, allowing you to perform with your best foot forward.

  1. Weak minded leaders seek revenge. When an employee quits, you may find yourself wanting to with hold a letter of recommendation. You may feel a slight urge to show a lack of support for their next endeavor, after all, you may have invested years of your time training this person. Strong leaders are confident in their business. They see set backs as opportunities. In this example, a strong leader will view this as an opportunity to find someone who’s a better fit.
  2. Weak leaders internalize critical feedback. It’s bound to happen at some point. Some business “guru” will offer you their unsolicited advice. Of course, you listen to it. Find how it may benefit you. At times however, it’s best to put is aside and keep moving forward. Strong leaders are confident in their decisions, open to criticism and do not fear disagreement. Strong leaders do not take critical feedback personally. They also do not allow it to slow them down.
  3. Weak leaders avoid confrontation. A patient or employee has displayed disrespect or appears to be attempting to manipulate you. Instead of avoiding the issue, you attempt to side step, change the subject or perhaps even turn to humor to lighten the mood. Strong leaders do not fear confrontation. They realize respectful, open and honest communication will get both parties on the same page quickly. It will build trust and can restore a strained relationship. If open and honest communication does not restore the relationship, it may be a relationship worth ending–immediately.
  4. Weak leaders seek validation for unqualified people. Whether you’re changing your business, structure, investments, marketing plan or even your hours, it’s important to have a trusted advisors. Make sure your trusted advisors do not include your fraternity brothers / sorority sisters from college whom you see twice a year at a reunion. Yes, these people care about you, however if they are not trained in this area, and very familiar with your practice and goals, do not solicit their advice. I can’t even begin to explain how many amazing dental brands have been destroyed by the feedback of loving mothers, who think they know best. Strong leaders consider the source, always.
  5. Weak leaders avoid change and risk. These are the 2 things necessary for growth. Weak leaders wait until “everyone else is doing it” or “everyone else has it” or “everyone else is going” before they take any kind of risk. Strong leaders listen to their gut, make quick but deliberate decisions. Strong leaders evaluate risk, but are not afraid to jump at the right time.
  6. Weak leaders seek the “cheapest” solutions. The business owners always looking for the cheapest phones, software, CE, marketing, accounting, etc. are almost always slow growing.  These types learn lessons the hard way – by their own experiences. Strong leaders learn from the mistakes of others, are not afraid to invest for the right fit solution. Strong leaders know their worth and are confident in their abilities to produce and perform at a level that will accommodate their budget. They are smart about investing, do not over commit and evaluate their return on investment. Money, however is not their only determining factor.
  7. Weak leaders talk poorly about others. People who talk poorly of others lack confidence in themselves. They fear someone will take their accomplishments from them. They fear people are against them. Strong leaders look to build others up. If they see something they don’t agree with, they may shed light on an issue without mentioning an offender. Strong leaders aim to educate and influence in a positive manner.

Success is a result of small efforts, repeated regularly over time. If there’s any way I can help you become more successful, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Save Your Most Valuable Asset

Your time is extremely valuable. In fact, it’s your most valuable possession. As a successful dentist, you are required be a business leader and medical expert. If you have any aspiration of having a life outside of dentistry, this requires you to delegate some of the roles you may have once took on yourself. Whether you have the ability to fully execute an effective marketing campaign or not, it’s likely not the highest and best use of your time. Too busy to plan, execute and evaluate your marketing on your own? Not busy enough? Either way, hiring a trusted marketing advisor can improve your growth strategy.

Have More Free Time
Our team of experts has helped hundreds of dentists nationwide. We can provide you with a custom marketing plan. We’ll start by evaluating your strengths to offer a plan that will supplement (or replace) your existing your marketing program to provide the highest possible ROI. We offer a variety marketing solutions which will increase your exposure while engaging the community. Let us handle your content creation, blogging, emails, social media messaging, advertising, website changes and more. Spend your time treating patients and enjoying time with your family and friends.

Reduce Stress & Headaches
It can be exhausting to work with multiple marketing companies. Not only do you have to manage your own team, but you are stuck with the difficult task of managing the work of other businesses. Since 2009, Identity Dental Marketing has been a trusted name in providing comprehensive marketing materials and strategies to dental professionals. We can help with online advertising, mailers, print brochures, and other materials. We’ll acquire the most important information, and take time to learn about your practice, then we’ll handle the rest.
We all get the same 24 hours in a day. How can you better spend your time?

Schedule a complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing Owner & Founder, Grace Rizza at http://scheduleonce.com/Grace or email grace@identitydental.com for more information.

Corporate Dentistry Can Benefit You

You’ve likely heard the buzz about corporate dentistry and how the profession is changing fairly rapidly. Some forecast doom and gloom for the privately owned practice. Others refuse to believe anything is changing at all. The reality lies somewhere in between.

The rise in corporate dentistry will bring advantages to the public and the dental profession. Above all, this climate change means increased competition for all. Competition is good. In some instances, I anticipate it will change things for the better.

First, this change will push us all to focus on quality of service. Our goal is always to care for patients, make a positive impression (no pun intended) and keep patients returning and referring. In order to do this, it may require more efficient communication, stronger teamwork and a positive patient experience. This will encourage us to utilize technology for increased accuracy and comfort. It’ll require that we hire and train the best fit employees that align with our own core values.

The second imminent change is the acceptance of marketing. Many dentists take pride in building a practice “on no marketing”. Others have learned to embrace it for attracting the right kind of new patient for the practice. They’ve also embraced it to accelerate the growth of the practice, which happens naturally by word of mouth. Marketing serves more than one purpose. It’s main function is to educate the community on topics relating to the importance of oral health. In some instances, this information can save a life. Treating sleep apnea, screening for oral cancer and preventing periodontal disease can all extend one’s life-span and quality of life. Besides important education, marketing also allows the patients to see their options in providers. As corporate dentistry moves into town, despite popular belief they do not always have an advantage in marketing. Having an in-house marketing department does not always mean higher quality or more effective marketing. It also doesn’t necessarily lend to a higher marketing budget, as some may expect. There’s power in group buying to a point, but with the rise of social media and internet marketing, anyone can compete and see positive results when partnered with the right marketing team. As patients search Google and ask friends on Facebook for a recommendation, they will likely choose you if your marketing messages match their personal needs.

If corporate dentistry becomes too focused on profit and less focused on service, like any business, it will suffer. Some will always seek the best, while others may seek the cheapest. There is room for the privately owned dental practice that stands out, does something special and delivers unique value.

Overall, change can be concerning. If we embrace it, prepare for it and even create it, it can elevate our profession.