“We Have Never Done any Marketing.”

Last week in Aruba at the ADCPA Continuing Education Getaway I gave a presentation about internet marketing.  I spoke about what the different options are and what you can expect from them. I warned attendees about scams and efforts that won’t produce a positive ROI. After the presentation, quite a few dentists wanted to speak more on the subject.

One very experienced and knowledgeable office manager named Sharon approached me and said, “We’ve never done any marketing and our practice does great, but now I’m considering it.”  My response, “You do marketing every day.” She looked a bit confused.

As we continued to discuss, she mentioned about 5 different marketing tasks that she does regularly.  Sharon meant that her practice has never done any advertising.  It’s important to realize that you don’t need advertising to grow a dental practice.  There are advertising methods that work, but marketing is so much BIGGER than advertising.

What is marketing then?

Marketing is…

  •  Any letter you send to your patients
  • The signage you have or don’t have
  • The way you deliver a case presentation
  • The verbiage used when showing intra oral camera photos
  • The uniforms your team wears
  • Your business name
  • What plays on the TV in your office (consider MySmile.tV)
  • What your brochures look like
  • The appearance of your website
  • Your new patient thank you letters
  • Your patient forms
  • Your Facebook page

There is truly an element  of marketing in everything you do.  It’s in your reputation, it’s in your website, it’s in your team.  It’s everywhere.

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