3 Quick Dental Marketing Tips

1. Make sure your patients know what services you offer.

Many dentists skip the suggestion to develop a customized brochure for their office.  They think that the freebies sent in the mail provide enough information about their services.  Patients often see these brochures and still question their dentists ability to perform those services.  A branded brochure will be a great internal marketing strategy.  It can also be used when networking with local businesses.

2. Make it easy for your patients to discuss elective services.

Every so often, you should update your patients’ records.  Ask them to update their contact information and fill out what we call a “smile survey”.  You can also give this survey to new patients.  We can create a custom smile survey for you to find out what elective services your patients may have interest in now or in the future.  This is a great way to bring up that little gap in Mrs. Lightman’s smile because she had mentioned in her smile survey that it bothers her slightly.  It’s much better than assuming that she is unhappy with it and risking offending her by bringing it up on your own.  At the end of the year, you will see a difference in your bottom line and your patient satisfaction.

3. Follow-up Book

Keep a book/log where your front desk staff can track cancellations or patients who leave without booking their next appointment.  In the follow up book, allow a space for notes so that your staff can jot down reasons to call Mr. Brown. Call him back saying, “Hi, Mr. Brown.  It was nice seeing you last week. We do want to get you in the schedule for that filling before it gets worse.  We have an availability next week on Thursday at 10am. Will that work for you?” When the patient is appointed, simply cross off his or her name in the book.

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