Are You Overpaying for Your Site?

We’ve done a comparison with our competition. We’ve checked out their websites, marketing methods, and philosophies and deliberately decided to do things differently.

Their website options may seem okay for the price. Get started for a couple thousand dollars, but end up paying $200-$500 monthly for hosting, maintenance, their content management system and “SEO”. But what happens when you want a new site? What happens when you want your new logo on the site or you want an updated design. What happens when you pay for SEO for over a year with ZERO results?! Is there a person actually following your site’s performance?

Let me tell you briefly how we’re different.

  1. You own your website in its entirety. You own the design, the domain name, the images, content and HOSTING. If you don’t own your hosting, you don’t really own your site. This means you could virtually hire ANYONE to work on your site at any time.
  2. We don’t upsell hosting or charge a monthly fee for content management.
  3. Our SEO is all done by hand in our office by our pro’s. It’s permanent. This means that when you have grabbed the first position on google and you want to take a break or focus on new keywords, we will never reverse what we’ve done.
  4. We have NO annual contracts. We simply just don’t need them. Our marketing works and clients notice the difference.
  5. We help integrate ALL of your marketing efforts. Hosting an event? Let us use your internet marketing to help you promote it. Need help with getting positive reviews online? We’ll show you how to use social media, printed materials, your website, the media and more in a way that work together.
  6. We don’t overwhelm you or require large up front investments. We’ll introduce new ideas when you’re ready. And we have PLENTY of them.

We’re really your one stop shop for marketing, advertising and practice consulting. Those things you’re wondering… just pick up the phone, and start asking questions. We’re here for you. (847) 629-4646

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