3 Things We Do to Hinder Our Success

In my recent conversation with a business owner, we were discussing business strategies to help her. Her business wasn’t growing as quickly as she needed it to in order to cover her overhead. In strategizing and coming up with ideas with her, she gave me some very strong resistance which manifested in these three things that hold many people back from success.

Hunger for Approval
I’ve seen it time and again, business owners are too concerned with what their employees will think of them that it stops them from doing what they have to do.
In my conversation with this business owner, I was suggesting that she try a management strategy that I use in my own company, which operates on accountability. I described how I run my team by giving detailed instruction, holding people accountable, and having deadlines.

The business owner felt like if she tried this management style that she might be accused of being a ‘micromanager,’ and she was adamant that she did not want to micromanage her employees.
She was about to let her desire to have her employees approval hinder her from trying something new.
I’m happy to say the business owner will be implementing an accountability management style.

Perfectionism and a Fear of Failure
These two often go hand-in-hand: Perfectionism and a fear of failure. Many business owners are afraid to make a mistake, and only want to do something that will guarantee a positive outcome. The problem is if you don’t try anything, you’ll achieve nothing.

During this same conversation with the business owner, I presented her with some strategies to grow her business. Her initial reaction was ‘No’ because she didn’t know for sure that these strategies would work out well, or give her the results she wanted. As we continued talking, she found herself quickly realizing that, Yes! She could try these new strategies–she could learn what works and what doesn’t.

The call concluded with a business owner ready and excited to execute some changes to grow her business.

The Takeaway
Take a moment right now to consider your own life, your business. Are you letting these roadblocks hinder your business from progressing:

  • Do you worry about acceptance from your team? If they approve of what you do and say?
  • Are you giving your team the tools they need to succeed individually, and as an organization?
  • Are you letting perfectionism and fear of failure paralyze you?

As business owners, we have to remove these roadblocks we put in our minds. We need to be willing to take a risk and try something new.


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