Dental Marketing Plans

When a company invests in marketing, there is one goal in mind; to see results. One problem that many practices face when outsourcing marketing is that the different aspects of their marketing strategy are non-cohesive. Identity Dental Marketing is a one stop shop for dentists looking to expand their marketing productivity with our customized dental marketing plans which are designed specifically for your practice.

Here at Identity Dental Marketing, we take the time to get to know your practice and analyze your specific needs. We offer a complete dental marketing plan including branding, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website development, advertising, and team-coaching all at an affordable cost, and all managed by consultants who care about, and know your practice.

The main goal of branding is to communicate to your patient who you are as a dentist. Your brand tells your patient whether you specialize in orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, or whatever it is you are passionate about. It communicates who you are to your existing and potential patients and it sticks. Branding is everywhere in marketing from your web page to the fliers you have on the front desk in your office.

Web site development and SEO are two things that we at Identity Dental Marketing place hand in hand. The way we see it, why have a beautiful web page when nobody searching for your business can find it, and vice-versa. Identity Dental Marketing goes above and beyond standard industry SEO practices. We made up our own practice called ESEO (Ethical Search Engine Optimization) and it seems to be something that clients can appreciate. Our practice of ESEO not only optimizes your search engine placement while you work with us, like many other dental marketing companies, but the back links, and other strategies that we use to get your practice recognized stay in place for many months after we are done working with you.

On top of these marketing strategies that we offer, Identity Dental Marketing will also organize and develop multiple advertising tools for your office; including, flyers, brochures, and events. The fliers and brochures that your practice is using are crucial to the way a patient views your professionalism, and can reflect who you are as a dentist. If your logo does not reflect your practice, or the brochures or flyers in your office do not scream “READ ME”, you are wasting your efforts to attract new patients, or impress those that you have. Events are a great way to bring in new patients and raise awareness of your practice. One of the great marketing tools that dentists can use is word of mouth. Events get that buzz going and can bring business to your office and create return patients.

Going back to our idea of a cohesive marketing strategy, the most effective way to market your practice is for all of these different outlets you choose to market through to line up and agree with the brand you want to display to your patients. If  all of these different aspects of your dental marketing plan are not consolidated, you waste effectiveness,  time, and money. When you choose Identity Dental Marketing, you can be sure that all of the efforts that are going into your marketing plan are emitting a message that is consistent, making it that much more effective.

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