It’s really sad when I go into an office and I hear the doctor being outright mean to his team.

dental-team-blueListen, I know it’s a stressful job. I know you team isn’t always doing everything right. I’m seeing an increase in disrespect within the dental office. It seems that the doctor is busy in the back with patients all day. Then, every once in a while, he freaks out wondering things like “I wonder if Cindy is following up like I asked her,” or “Is Nancy still selling cancer screenings?”

I’m not going to go straight to doctor bashing. I know how stressful it can be to have a team and run an office. I cannot even imagine having to run an office from behind a little chair in a back room. You rarely hear that patient-to-front-desk conversations. You cannot even monitor how effectively new patient calls are being answered. Of course you’re worried.

The best solution starts with communication. Have you staff keep logs of different tasks. For instance, if the hygienist is supposed to be recommending oral cancer screenings. Make sure she keeps track of how many she provides each week. If you want to know how many un-appointed patients were called upon this week, implement the follow up book.

Protocol makes the office run smoothly. Trust me, your staff would MUCH rather tell you what they are doing, than deal with your freak-outs every time you start to worry. If you have a team member that just won’t record their efforts and hates the accountability, then it’s most likely because he or she isn’t pulling his or her weight.

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