Don’t Forget the Sour Cream!

We order from a local restaurant about once a week for lunch.  It’s really a great restaurant because they have super healthy and affordable options that don’t taste like cardboard.

We order lunch and often in an attempt to hit a minimum amount to qualify for delivery, we have to add extras like sour cream.  Unfortunately, they always forget to include it.  They’ve literally forgotten something every single time we’ve ordered from them.  I even made a note once in my order that said, “Please don’t forget the sour cream.”  You guessed it, no sour cream.

Today, I called and asked to speak to the manager.  He was unavailable.  I wanted to tell him kindly that their processes aren’t working.  I know, I sound like a horrible complainer, but as a business owner, I understand the importance of feedback. He wasn’t available and has yet to get back to me.  I guess my satisfaction doesn’t matter.  I think I’ll stop ordering from them.

As a dentist, you already know that it’s important to provide high-quality patient care.  You know it’s important to listen and implement processes, but do you ever make it easy for your patients to provide you with anonymous feedback? What if your hygienist has really bad breath?  What if your front desk person is hanging up on people?  What if you are overlooking something that is bothering your patients enough to drive them away?

Don’t be like our local restaurant.  If you forget the metaphorical sour cream, make it better. Give patients an opportunity to tell you what their experience has been like and most importantly,  FIX IT!

Call us for help implementing a patient feedback system. We can even create an anonymous feedback form on your website for only $50. Contact Identity Dental Marketing today.

– Grace Rizza

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