Smart Marketing for Big Cases

How can you become the go-to dentist in your community for larger cases such as dental implants or complete smile replacement? The answer is smart marketing like the one made for dental implants Westmont. Learn how to expand your reach for big cases in our latest blog.

Building Credibility through Patient Education

Why should your patients choose dental implants over a cheaper, quicker option such as dentures? Why should patients choose you and your team instead of another dentist or specialist? Patient education can solve both of these questions. If your patients don’t understand your method of smile replacement, they won’t feel inclined to invest the money, time, and effort into pursuing it.

Instead, focus on teaching your patients why your methods are truly the best for their health, confidence, and comfort. You know that dental implants are a longer-lasting, more permanent solution for their oral health. You know that they may be more expensive than dentures or other methods of smile replacement, but they are worth it. However, your patients likely won’t have this context. After all, you’re the expert. By listening to their questions and educating them on the benefits of your services, you can build credibility with your prospective patients.

Becoming the Expert, not the Salesman

Treatment acceptance isn’t about being pushy. It’s about teaching your patients the value of accepting treatment, and how their lives can be improved. That’s why you need to position yourself as the expert, not the salesman. In your communication and your marketing, you should take the role that feels natural to you — your community’s guide toward improved health, comfort, and oral function. Patients who understand your true dedication to improving their lives will take initiative themselves to seek out the treatment they need.

Utilizing a Funnel Campaign and Remarketing

One question remains — how can this philosophy of patient education translate into your marketing efforts? Here is a breakdown of how to utilize these ideas to boost your big case acceptance.

    • Advertise. Attract patients with initial interest in your services using advertising on platforms such as Facebook or Google.
    • Educate. Your ad should lead to further information that explains just how your treatment works, and what benefits it will bring your patients.
    • Show your expertise and commitment. Have you taken hundreds of hours of continued education and obtained relevant certification? This will reassure your prospective patients that you are the best choice for their optimal results.
    • Remarket for increased conversion rate. When your ideal patients engage with your advertising, you can tailor future ads to what they initially showed interest in. This helps to build brand recognition and allows you to pinpoint your efforts, making sure the right people are seeing the right marketing.
    • Analyze your results and adjust your strategies. How is your marketing working on a month-by-month basis? Your success relies on a constant evolution of your techniques.

If you are looking to grow your practice by marketing for larger cases, we can help. Whether you are focusing on specialty cases or hoping to expand your reach, our team at Identity Dental Marketing has the tools, the expertise, and the dedication to drive your marketing forward and help you attract your ideal, new patients. Schedule your complimentary marketing planning session with us today.

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