Dental Office Scripts

So you’re looking for some scripts, eh?  Now I’m not totally against scripts.  In fact, I often devise custom scripts for my clients. However, I do have my reservations. Scripts, like many marketing tools have been exploited by marketing companies.  The same script doesn’t work for every office, even though companies may try to sell a one sized fits all script.  For example, maybe a patient is leaving you because you are not in-network with their insurance company.  Your script would have to incorporate your exact financial policy.  Maybe you have in-office insurance/payment plan options. Maybe you are very competitively priced to where the insurance isn’t going to affect the patient portion of fees.  Perhaps, you have a very targeted niche and your patients come to you because of your excellent patient service. Your script will need to incorporate your personal benefits.

Scripts can be helpful in a variety of situations. Maybe a patient is leaving and she just doesn’t want to schedule her next appointment with you. She says that she’ll call you when she looks at her schedule.  How does your staff handle this?  Do they handle it politely without being pushy?

Scripts fail because the people implementing them don’t have them memorized and don’t have the sales skills necessary to keep the conversation going after the script is in motion.

A conversation can never be 100% scripted because there are 2 parties. You cannot always guess what the patient will say next.  Your staff must be prepared to ask the appropriate questions at the appropriate times to keep effective communication.Scripts are just the foundation for the sale. Scripts MUST be paired with skills in order to be effective.

We offer sales training and scripting to assist you and your staff in even the most difficult conversations.

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