Small, Yet Mighty!

After giving a presentation to a dental office a couple years ago, I passed around a survey. I told them, “Please tell me what you thought of this presentation. I am not going to cry about it if you have anything negative to say.  In fact, I will thank you for the feedback.”

I was overwhelmed by the gratitude and kindness of the feedback. I had very little if any negative criticisms. The team was really starting to come together.  They were also learning NEW tricks about communication that has contributed to their practice growth.

One of the reviews read: “Grace is small, yet mighty.”  She then went into how I held my own.  She explained how I gave them steps to take towards improvement. She really liked a new way to track patients without appointments and how to follow up with them.  The booking system was complete with direction, scripts and my phone number for when questions came up. They took the book and made some changes to it, tweaking it to fit their office needs.  Now, it has been a part of their daily routine for 2 years!

All too often, I hear seminars or see these GIGANTIC companies that are great at motivating.  They know how to get you on board, but they often fail to provide you with the tools necessary to experience growth.

Just yesterday, I was speaking with a client about training his team.  He is having a difficult time getting the staff to understand his preferences and methods.  He came upon a video by a BIG (and expensive) consulting firm that promised that he never has to train again, as long as he has systems.  This consultant talked all about how systems make a difference and how once you have created a system, you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.

So Dr. calls me up and says, “What do you think?” I said, “So basically, you don’t have to train them, if you train them right the first time?” He was sold the idea that he doesn’t have to do anything.  I get the point of the lecturer.  He was saying that training isn’t enough. People need concrete, written directions that remain consistent over time.

The truth is always going to be: You get out what you put in.  Put in the work and take the measures to get everything in place and work your way to a business that operates smoothly.

Now, Doctor, time to get to work and write out your systems.  Yes, I could give you my last client’s systems, but they won’t work for you, they may not be exactly what your business needs.  No doctor has the exact preferences for how things should be done.  You need to take involvement in your practice to get it to the point where you no longer need to train.  In order to get to the point where you can just “walk in and focus on dentistry”, everyone else needs to know EXACTLY what they need to walk in and focus on.

SUCCESS= Strategies + Implementation + Accountability

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