Facebook like a Boss in 2016

We’ve all been told we need to be “on” social media. The truth is this feels confusing and frustrating to many dentists and doctors that simply do not have the time or desire to spend hours updating statuses or posting photos. 

Below are 9 tips to controlling your Facebook page and social media presence without letting it control you. After reading, if you still need help, we are here for you. 

1. Plan posts. 

That’s right plan them in advance. Delegate this task to a team member and allow them to show you their custom content for approval before it goes live. 

2. Keep it real.

Compile information that you know will be personal and fun for your patients to see. Let the content be relatable. Compile photos of your team while they smile at work. Don’t always post professional headshots for day-to-day material. Millennials and boomers alike hate stock photography. Avoid it whenever possible. 

3. Keep it happy!

Post for birthdays and work anniversaries. Post fun facts about your team. This helps patients feel like they know you better and builds their loyalty. Don’t let your page be negative. 

4. Post patient videos. 

Patient testimonials get attention. Incentivize your patients to make and post the video and tag your office. 

5. Make it a game!

Have fun while running contests for likes, shares and reviews. Engage and reward your team and patients. Enroll in our Triple Crown Campaigns for a quarterly contest idea to gain viral exposure online.

6. Leverage LIVE video.

Facebook is loving live content. They’re showing live recordings far more than other types of posts in followers news feeds. Let a team member interview you live. Don’t forget to engage with viewers who are watching in real time! 

7. Join local groups.

Local moms unite on Facebook! Moms often ask health related questions on forums and often look for the opinions of their trusted “friends” online. Build relationships with local friends by posting regularly in local groups. 

8. Advertise.

Paid campaigns are showing a positive ROI in local campaigns. We can help you set up campaigns to reach the best market for your individual practice goals. 

9. Just do it. 

Even if every post isn’t ground-breaking news, stay active online. Post at least weekly. This helps to show search engines (like Google) that you are a real, live, engaging, interactive business. It contributes to rankings when paired with an optimized website and SEO campaign. 

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