What do Millennials and Baby Boomers Have in Common?

Facial recognition is the ability to recognize and remember a person’s face. Our business and personal life depends on the ability to recognize others. This may be the reason that advertisements which feature a person’s face typically outperform those which do not.

You’ve heard the saying that “sex sells”. This is the notion that people who are considered more aesthetically appealing or “attractive” will attract more attention to advertising. This may be the reason so many advertisers lean on stock photography to promote their brand or message.

“Just like the world around us changes, so does effective marketing strategy. Part of being an effective marketer involves standing out and doing things differently. It relies upon the ability to predict trends before they become the norm. ”  – Grace Rizza

Millennials and baby boomers alike prefer REAL photography. Adopt this marketing trend before it becomes the norm and it will help you stand out.

Which photo do you feel does a better job of promoting the practice? The REAL doctor or the over used stock photo below? dental-teeth-perfect-smile-woman-23107282




Here are 5 reasons to feature REAL photos in your marketing materials.

  1. It adds authenticity to your marketing campaign.
  2. It’s attention grabbing.
  3. You can feature the results of your dentistry.
  4. It adds professionalism to your practice and brand if done properly.
  5. It makes you more relatable on social media.

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