84 Reasons People Love Identity Dental Marketing

Ethical Dental Marketing Company
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  1. We do not lock you into a long term contract. Instead, we rely on our ability to get you results and develop a trusting relationship in order to create loyal clients.
  2. We teach you how to maintain ownership of your website and all aspects of it.
  3. We teach you how to maintain ownership of your domain(s).
  4. We will teach you how to control your hosting, giving you full control over your website files and saving you money in comparison to companies who mark up and “manage” hosting.
  5. We teach you how to maintain control over your tracking numbers while protecting you against fake lead generation scammers (disguised as marketing companies).
  6. We provide custom designs on all projects.
  7. We allow you to provide insight into your design preferences if you’d like and approve the design prior to development, ensuring you will love your new website.
  8. We custom code for WordPress. Google loves WordPress. Everyone loves WordPress.
  9. We offer expert photo and video services, making all of your marketing more effective.
  10. We utilize the latest design elements and stay up to date with trends.
  11. We seamlessly launch most custom websites in 30 days or less.
  12. We utilize thoughtful brand development.
  13. Our team has REAL dental experience.
  14. Our team has extensive degrees in advertising, marketing, psychology, writing and more.
  15. We’re transparent in budget utilization, allowing you to evaluate true ad spend on Google, Facebook and everywhere.
  16. You can access our team at almost any time and will have the owner’s direct contact information.
  17. We provide monthly ranking reports – most companies do not.
  18. We provide monthly Analytics reports.
  19. We update your WordPress site daily to ensure its security.
  20. We offer SSL integration for security and ranking ability.
  21. We’re very prompt in responding to you and making requested changes. If you haven’t heard back from us promptly, you can assume we did not receive your message and blame the email server demons. When in doubt, resend, text or call us anytime.
  22. We promptly complete your requested website changes (within 2 business days).
  23. We are tagline, headline and copywriting heroes.
  24. We have been in business and trusted in dentistry since 2009.
  25. We offer custom printed materials to improve your case acceptance rates.
  26. We have experience writing stellar radio and TV ad scripts.
  27. We’re SEO gurus. (Over 98% of our clients rank in the top 3 within 6 months for at least one main keyword, such as “Town Dentist”)
  28. We blog for you. After all, this is likely not the highest and best use of your time.
  29. We can post to social media accounts for you on a regular basis to maintain consistency.
  30. We will provide your website content.
  31. We can provide video scripts to help you build confidence when publishing your own video content.
  32. We can design a highly effective billboard.
  33. We can wrap a fire truck, a store front or just about anything for that matter.
  34. We can write and distribute email newsletters.
  35. We can implement autobots on Facebook and websites.
  36. We write impressive and attention-grabbing business letters.
  37. We market to generate sleep apnea cases.
  38. We offer implant-targeted campaigns.
  39. We can attract new patients interested in Botox.
  40. We market in-office savings plans.
  41. We care about you and your results.
  42. We rarely make mistakes.
  43. We own our mistakes.
  44. We will work synergistically with your team and advisors.
  45. We will advise you based on what’s in your best interest, not ours.
  46. Our team is comprised of good people with extremely high levels of integrity.
  47. We do what we say we’ll do.
  48. We set realistic expectations.
  49. We offer competitive pricing.
  50. We don’t “nickel and dime”.
  51. There’s no hidden fees or surprises.
  52. Our websites are fully responsive (meaning they look great on all devices).
  53. We offer online payment processing.
  54. We integrate with patient communication platforms for review generation.
  55. We offer strategic PPC and only recommend it when it makes sense for your practice goals.
  56. We utilize retargeting on Facebook and Google for optimal results, repeat exposure and to get the most out of your marketing budget.
  57. We complete all of our work in-house, allowing us to control quality and prevent from Google penalties.
  58. We manually manage your online listings for accuracy and prevention of duplicate generation (unlike most companies who can cause more damage than good by taking short cuts.)
  59. Even though it can be an annoying process, we work with Google to clean up and merge duplicate listings.
  60. We have marketing strategies for associates and transitioning doctors.
  61. We offer unique marketing strategies for fee-for-service practices.
  62. We have unique strategies for practices seeking patients in-network with insurance providers.
  63. Our internet marketing team is Google Ads Certified on all levels.
  64. Our targeted social media campaigns (often referred to as funnels) utilize captioned videos for optimal click through rate.
  65. We don’t add your new patient tracking number to your local listing and falsely report “leads”, like we have seen from many others.
  66. WE LISTEN TO YOUR GOALS, and will provide you with an individualized plan.
  67. Our landing pages (for PPC and Facebook ads) are gorgeous and effective.
  68. We’re almost always available. I may have said this already, but it’s worth mentioning twice. I will literally take a call or text on a Sunday morning or even a holiday.
  69. We’re trusted nationwide and have worked in the most and least competitive areas. We know how to write a marketing plan based on competition as to best utilize your marketing budget.
  70. We love supporting your team’s community and event marketing.
  71. We provide a seamless transition into working with our agency by helping you gain control of your marketing initiatives from another marketing company or your previous employees.
  72. We can market to Spanish-speaking populations.
  73. We offer marketing for dental specialists.
  74. We create BOLD brands and know how to stand out.
  75. We value brand consistency and help you to achieve this.
  76. We offer printing services for your convenience.
  77. We test our websites on all browsers for compatibility and proper displays.
  78. We create fast loading websites.
  79. We can advise you on the best strategy for one or multiple locations.
  80. We have relationships with top software and service providers and can often refer you for special pricing.
  81. We offer custom BRANDED social media posts.
  82. We’re constantly evolving to offer the latest and greatest in dental marketing solutions.
  83. We know how and when to use mail to generate an ROI.
  84. We love dentistry and marketing. Our passion is helping you grow. 

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