10 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience

10. Greet your new patients with a handshake and kind introduction.

9.  Offer water bottles, coffee and tea in your waiting area.

8. Let your patients know that as a courtesy you will submit to their insurance company.

7. Take at least 10 minutes talking with the patient and asking specific questions. When seeing a doctor of any kind, patients want time with the doctor himself/herself.

6. Present treatment at a desk at a private office, not in the dental chair.

5. LISTEN.  If the patient mentions to the front desk that she left her last doctor because he did treatment before she was completely numb, front desk should make a note of this.  Doctor should address this and assure the patient that he will check and verify she is completely numb prior to beginning any kind of treatment.

4. Provide information from a third party.  If you are diagnosing gum disease, provide information about the disease.  Help the patient understand what he/she can do to prevent further deterioration. Send the information home so that the patient has time to understand and research your diagnosis. Always share the good news: “It’s a good thing we caught it now and can prevent…”

3. Make it easy for patients to make payments, schedule appointments and get in to see you.

2. Treat your staff with respect.  Patients can sense disrespect and office turmoil.

1. Don’t rush.  Patients hate feeling like they are just a “butt in a chair”. Connect, respect, and provide excellent dental care.

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