Good News, Bad News, and More Good News

The Good News

You’re looking for new patients, and they are looking for you too!

With the dawn of the social media age, the buying process has been flipped upside down.  Now, instead of making a decision based on just what has been presented in ads and websites, consumers are also making buying decisions based on what their friends recommend.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, when consumers don’t have access to their friends’ opinions, they are often relying on the opinions of complete strangers that are posted on dental review sites and social media platforms. As you may know, most people won’t go out of their way to post a great review about your practice, even if he or she has been a patient for 20 years. However, the angry patient can destroy your reputation with just a few lines of text and the click of a mouse.  They can even post a review from an app on their phone in seconds!

OK, so maybe you don’t have any negative reviews at all.  Maybe as of today, you have zero reviews—a bare listing on a public domain. Unfortunately, you’re on these review sites whether you like it or not.

Here’s a little story to help you understand how your lack of involvement can hurt you. Jill asks her brother Jack for the name of his dentist.  Jack refers Jill to Dr. Meadows. Jill then searches on Google “Dr. Meadows in Fairyland” to find his phone number.  Upon searching for Dr. Meadows, she sees his Yelp listing first, noticing that he has an average ranking of 3 stars.  She clicks on his Yelp listing and notices that Dr. Crown (a competitor of Dr. Meadows) has 5 stars and offers a new patient special.  She decides to call Dr. Crown instead. In today’s world, people take the time to do research and they are learning to rely heavily on your “online reputation” when deciding whether or not to choose you.

More Good News

We have an affordable solution to help you attain 5 star rankings online.

It’s called our online reputation management program or “ORM”.  We help you collect real patient reviews and disseminate them to a variety of review websites.  We monitor your reputation and provide effective remedy in the instance of live damaging review.  We have software and strategies that take into consideration the unique user blocks that prevent you office from posting multiple reviews from one location. When patients see your name or search for a dentist online, they will not only see your practice but will see the 5 star ranking you deserve. Plans start at only $100/month. Like all of our services, our efforts are permanent, and we require no long-term contracts.

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