Identity Dental Marketing Team News

It’s a wonderful time of year. I’m happy to share the news from our office.

Grace welcomed her second child, Lydia Colette, into the world on October 26th. Mom and baby are well. Grace is back to work part time in December and will be back full time by the start of the year.

Ariene was recently engaged! She is planning to be married in 2017. Her lucky fiance surprised her at a family part in front of their closest family members.

Natalie has recently been promoted. She now is project manager. Her role involves managing graphic projects, website development and much more. She is one of the most talented designers I have met… a true natural.

If you haven’t met Cheryl yet, you soon will. Cheryl is our office coordinator. She helps our office run smoothly and can help to schedule meetings and make sure you are in touch with the right team member. She has experience and an educational background in marketing as well as dental experience! We’re all thrilled to welcome her.

Megan is the newest addition to our team. She has experience in digital media, social media and is an excellent writer. Megan’s creativity and innovative thinking will prove a clear advantage to your campaign.

We are excited for the wonderful changes. I’m grateful for an amazing team.

This will be our best year yet. Your success is our success. Happy holidays.




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