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Dental Marketing Strategies for 4th Quarter 2015

End the year strong by planning your 4th quarter marketing agenda to prevent gaps in your schedule. Below are 6 marketing strategies that can help to boost business:

  1. Host a patient appreciation photography day. Hire a photographer to come to your office and take professional photos of 3-5 of your favorite patients / patient families. Provide the family or individual with these professional photos, in exchange for using their photos on your social media pages and website. Your patients will love their complimentary family photos and may even use them for their holiday cards. When you brand and post these photos to your social media accounts, your patients’ friends will see them and you will instantly gain viral exposure in your community. **Don’t forget to have photo release forms signed.
  1. Send out custom Thanksgiving or New Year cards. Thank your patients for their loyalty and business. Welcome their friends and family to your practice. Include a team photo and your branding to stay top of mind.
  1. Contribute to a good cause! November is National Diabetes Awareness Month as well as TMJ Awareness Month. When patients post a selfie on Facebook while holding your flyer, donate $2 to the cause of your choice. Your patients’ friends and family members will see these posts and it will provide you with viral exposure and increased recognition.
  1. Promote with a “White Christmas” campaign. Run a holiday whitening special to help your patients look their best in their holiday photos.
  1. Consider participating in our “Scare Away Tooth Decay” event. Attract new patients and families to your practice by providing a half day of free dentistry to children. This event works best after Halloween, in early November. Donating a few hours of your time to provide free cleanings to children will help boost your reputation in the community, attract new families and gain exposure when properly promoted.
  1. Plan your 2016 marketing campaign. Do not wait until after January 1st to consider your goals for the new year. Get a head start by setting goals and creating a plan for attaining those goals. Get your team involved, boost morale and make the most out of a fresh start.

Whether you’re an established practice, a new practice or just looking to breathe new life into your practice; it’s never too late to consider out-of-the-box marketing strategies that are both fun and effective. Contact us for a free marketing consultation. We offer a variety of dental marketing solutions, including: Custom Branding & Web Design, Graphics, Writing, Event Promotions and more.

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