10 Dental Marketing Predictions for 2016

10 Dental Marketing Predictions for 2016

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  1. A Restored Faith in SEO
    As the social media hype begins to subside, we predict dentists and doctors will become savvy to the methods providing a real, tangible ROI. When looking at past years, many will recognize consistent trends in the effectiveness of “white hat” SEO.

2. Social Media Interaction wins over Content Pushing
In the past, dentists put team members in charge of posting on social sites regularly. Now, many will learn to motivate their patients’ interaction on social social media sites. Coming up with interesting and fun ways to truly connect will help to gain real exposure. Instead of a “push”, social media should “pull” your visitors in and allow them to get to know you on a more personal level.

3. Patients will continue to trust a variety of online reviews.
Entering 2016, Google Plus is restructuring itself, perhaps leading to a separate review platform. A comprehensive strategy involving Google, Facebook and other review sites is important.

4. A photo will be worth 10,000 words.
Even though you have a few team photos and office photos published, your patients want MORE. They want to see what your patients results look like. If you’ve been putting off compiling your online gallery, make it your resolution for 2016 and get it done!

5. Team involvement reaches an all time high
Internal marketing is key to exponential growth. Finding ways to delegate and involve team members in hitting your goals will become even more important in 2016. Let’s face it, your team is important and your patients often stay loyal to you because of your team. Getting your team involved in hitting new patient goals can be very rewarding.

6. Further customization and specialty websites gain popularity
As more dentists become versed in areas such as sleep apnea, whole health dentistry, cosmetics, and periodontics, it’ll become increasingly important to find new ways to stand out. Find ways to expand your reach by publishing a targeted website in addition to your current website. Find services that are enjoyable, unique, marketable and profitable.

7. As technology improves, patients expect a higher level of convenience
Make it easy to post reviews online. Make it easy to submit patient forms from a smart phone. Make it easy to request an appointment. Find ways to use the internet to make your patients’ lives easier.

8. In office value plans will continue to rise.
As many without dental insurance still seek affordable, quality care.

9. The “Overall Health” trend will continue.
More dentists will work together with physicians to provide care contributing to the overall health of their patients, while utilizing medical benefits.

10. Email communication will still be important.
Patients value your recommendations, insights and education. Make sure to keep in touch in 2016, at least monthly.

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