What are the Elements of an Effective Website?

Some websites sink. Some websites rise. How can you ensure that your practice’s website is visually stunning, fully-responsive, and functional? Learn the elements of what makes an effective website — or better yet, quiz yourself on your practice’s current website and see how you fare.

  1. Easy Navigation — Have you ever visited a website and found yourself frustrated by its layout or navigation? Try to picture yourself as a patient. Can you easily find what you need on your website? If the answer is no, then this is your number one concern. Function should build the foundation of your entire website’s design.

  3. Visually Impressive Design — When patients visit your practice’s website, do they see typical, outdated designs, or something actually refreshing? The beauty of your website serves as a window into your own practice, so make sure those who look in are seeing what you want them to see. Our team will implement modern, clean, and visually impressive designs into your custom-built website to ensure you draw in patients with ease.

  5. Mobile and Tablet-friendly — Does your website scale to fit mobile or tablet view without compromising its visuals and function? Building a fully-responsive website that reacts to your patients’ viewing method ensures accessibility on all fronts. Our team takes the time to test every website we develop across several viewing platforms, ensuring your patients are impressed no matter if they’re on their laptop or their phone.

  7. SEO Strategies in Place — There are hundreds of minor but ultimately very powerful strategies throughout website development that can boost your Search Engine Optimization. We stay on top of Google’s evolving algorithm updates, ensuring your practice’s website is always achieving its true potential.

  9. Active Blog Reel — Blogging isn’t just a way to share helpful advice, news, or information with your dental community. Did you know it actually helps boost your SEO and visibility across the web? We can help with this.

  11. Links to Social Media — Stay connected with your patients by featuring quick links for them to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

  13. Call to Action — The last (but arguably most important) tip is to implement a direct, powerful, and persuasive call to action in your website’s design. Having a beautiful, navigable website is great, but what use is it if patients can’t easily schedule an appointment? Our team ensures your website has streamlined, data-driven systems in place to convert your potential patients who visit.

Developing an optimized, beautiful, and fully-responsive website can be a long-lasting source of continuous ROI. However, we won’t lie — website development can feel difficult to take on alone. Let us help. At Identity Dental Marketing, our team has experience in every aspect of web development, from creating visually impressive designs to writing powerful content that persuades your patients to pick up the phone. Schedule your complimentary marketing planning session with us today.

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