Is Video Content Important?


As social media marketing continues to help dental practice owners grow their brands, compelling video content has become vital for those looking to gain social media exposure and increase engagement with patients and followers.

Concise Is Key
Clear and concise videos with the right, relevant information will get far more traction than long, drawn-out videos.

Share a Story
Your audience will be captivated by videos that have a story arc—conflict, climax, and resolution. Keep your audience tuned in by sharing relatable tales.

Educate Your Audience
While sharing your story, use the opportunity to educate your audience on your practice, your team, and what makes you truly unique.

Leveraging Links
Embedding links to your website within text, and the video itself, is key to driving traffic to your website.

At Identity Dental Marketing, we offer custom, professional videography packages that will boost engagement across your website and social media. You will experience our expertise and excellent service when you visit our professional studio or have our on-location video director visit your practice.

Elevate your content by incorporating video today. For more information, contact us (847) 629-4646, or visit us online.

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