Video Marketing

Record your video here!


  • Camera: You may use the camera on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  Please note that video quality will depend on your camera type and internet connection.
  • If you are using a handheld device be sure to record your video, horizontally.
  • Clothing: We recommend wearing a lab coat over a nice shirt with tie or blouse.
  • Lighting: Take advantage of natural lighting, if possible. We also recommend keeping the source of the light behind the camera.
  • Script: Be sure to review/practice your script a few times before recording. When you record your video, you will have the ability to review or retake it before submitting.
  • If you wish to use a teleprompter, we recommend using the website below and simply copying/pasting your script:


  1. Click on the “Record” button below and a tool will open up activating your web camera or mobile/tablet camera.
  2. Please allow permission to access to your camera and*Google Chrome Users: You may have to click “Allow” (on the top of the internet browser) allowing access to the camera. This is an extra layer of
  3. Once you are ready to record your video, hit “Record”.
  4. Click “Stop” once finished. You will have the option to preview your video or retake.
  5. Once you are happy with your video, click “Submit” and inform Identity Dental Marketing of your video submission!