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Video Blog

If video blogging isn’t part of your overall marketing strategy, it’s time to add it to the mix.

Google’s SEO algorithm favors video content, which is considered “high-quality online content,” and rewards those that are regularly adding it to their online landing pages. Uploading fresh video content to your website on a monthly basis can make a significant contribution to your SEO and boost your overall Internet Marketing efforts.

Moreover, video content allows you to build relationships with current and prospective patients online. According to Hubspot, including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. Effective video blogs are both informational and authentic.

Here are our tips for creating effective video content:

  • Don’t worry about perfection, just be yourself

Be authentic. Film in your office, relax, and speak to the camera as if you’re speaking directly to a patient. Video blogs should feel comfortable and conversational.

  • Don’t overproduce

You don’t need Steven Spielberg to come into your practice and film your video blogs. Shoot in a clean space with natural lighting. A smartphone or computer camera are perfectly sufficient filming equipment.

  • Speak Confidently

As a patient, I want my dentist to be an expert in all things dentistry. I want to be sure my oral health is in great hands. Speaking confidently and directly into the camera signals to patients that you’re a knowledgeable, trustworthy doctor

  • Smile

Smiling while you talk will ease your nerves and make an excellent first impression on your audience.

Watch below how Dr. Ritter is both relaxed and professional when recording our Dental Minute Videos:

If the perceived time involved in video blogging has stopped you from creating this useful content, we have a solution. Our team will provide scripts, professional intro and exit slides, and upload them to your website. We’ll also optimize and publish the content online to give you the added SEO benefit.

Contact us at (847) 629-4646 or at for more information.

You guessed it: patient testimonials are highly effective if they’re in video format. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post detailing how to create effective video patient testimonials.

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