How to Attract New Patients this Fest Season

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The sun is out and spirits are high; it’s officially “fest” season. Festivals and community events are a great place to promote your dental practice.

Here are 5 tips for making most out of your community event marketing:

1. Hand out promotional items–confidently! 

When you and your team are distributing postcards and flyers to fellow community members, extend the promotional item to them and confidently say, “This is for you!” No wishy-washy “Would you like a….” or “Can I offer you…?”

2. The doctor should be there and actively participating

You, the dentist, should have an active role in handing out promotional items, socializing with community members, and promoting your business. Wear a white coat or a name tag, really anything to distinguish (aka brand) yourself as the doctor.

3. Enhance your brand

Every promotional item you distribute should have your logo and contact information on it. Every. Single. One. Your promotional dollars are wasted if they aren’t being used to either create brand recognition or generate buzz for your practice.

4. Bring your book!

Bring a list of available appointment times and schedule new patients on the spot. Hold community members accountable for showing up to these appointments by offering a major discount, but requiring a payment on the spot to reserve the time. For instance, charge new patients only $25 for a thorough exam and consultation. Utilize Square or other mobile payment processing tools. Don’t worry, they are easy and affordable to set up.

5. Follow-Up!

Sure, it’s great to meet and socialize with community members but remember, you’re there to attract new patients. Make sure you have a follow-up system in place for turning those new connections into new patients.


Need assistance creating a follow-up protocol or creating effective materials? Contact us to schedule a consulting session and make the most out of your next event!

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