Little Letter, Big Results

Recently, I made a trip to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning. I was trying out a new practice in my area, and I had a good experience with them. About a week later, I received a new patient letter, in which they welcomed me to their practice, briefly described their philosophy, and kindly requested referrals. I was impressed with this, as it demonstrated their appreciation for my visit, and it expressed confidence in their
business. If you make the extra effort to send out a new patient letter, it will pay off in the long run.

A new patient letter is a great internal marketing strategy. Not only does it remind your patient that you want to continue to work with them, but is also a great way to reach out to people they know for more business. A letter is free advertising; it does not take long to generate, and you do not have to pay to have the information passed along. It also markets your business to people who will hear about you from a trusted source: a friend or family member.

Although this may only gain you a couple of new clients each year, it is a great way to build a reputation within your community without making a huge effort. Even if you only gain five referrals in a year, those five people can then spread the word about your practice, and your network will continue to expand over time. Slowly, you will become a very well-respected dentist in your area, all because you took the time to send out a couple of letters.

When sending out a new patient letter, it is important to maintain a gracious tone. You should express your excitement to work with your new patient and show appreciation for referrals. Reaching out to the contacts you have already made is a great way to ensure the growth of your business, and although it is just a small effort, it produces big results.

Identity Dental Marketing has all of the tools you need, whether it is composing a persuasive letter, coming up with a new idea, implementing the letter, or maintaining accountability for its circulation. To get started, contact us.

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