Optimizing Your Facebook Audience

How to Target Your Ideal Facebook Ads Audience

The Facebook ads dashboard makes it possible to narrow down potential audiences by broad demographic information, such as gender, age range, interests, and location. What it can’t tell you is whether you have targeted the right audience for your service. 

As the owner of a dental marketing agency, I help clients develop effective, targeted ads and pinpoint precise demographics. Here are my top tips for aligning your Facebook marketing strategy and target audience with your business goals.

Fine-Tune Your Ad to Your Audience

For each ad, even within a single campaign, it is vital to target a specific audience. Let’s say you are a dentist adding sleep medicine to your services. You create a Facebook ad that shows an anxious-looking woman in bed with a pillow over her head as her husband snores, mouth agape, next to her. Are you going to show that ad to men and women? Or just women? What will the message be? Which age range should you target, and does your ad image or video match? 

Don’t Make Your Audience Too Broad

You want to zero in on as many people in your target audience as possible but be mindful of broadening the audience too much. If you are a dental consultant and searching for relevant audience interests to target, the American Dental Association might seem a logical choice; but if you do your research, you’ll find many dental patients follow the ADA. That means some 30 to 40 percent of your target audience will be irrelevant and your marketing dollars will be wasted. Your ad might even generate negative comments from people who were targeted unintentionally.  

In addition to identifying the most relevant demographic information, make good use of exclusion audiences so you don’t keep targeting existing followers. 

Use Pixels for Targeting

Facebook pixel codes ensure your ads are seen by people most likely to connect with you. This analytics tool helps you improve ad conversion rate and realize a better return on investment. One effective way to choose relevant audiences is to use your pixel code and integrate your Google Ads traffic to your Facebook ads traffic. Anyone who goes to your website from highly relevant search terms on Google will also see your Facebook ads.

The takeaway: Think precision in both messaging and audience. If the audience you choose is not relevant, you are squandering your valuable marketing dollars. Identity Dental Marketing provides customized levels of social media marketing and advertising, creating precise messaging and targeting for each client. To learn more about our proven expertise, email Grace Rizza directly at grace@identitydental.com.

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