Top 5 Tips for Terrific Testimonials

Patient testimonials are an invaluable way to set yourself apart as a top dentist in your area. Once you have scheduled a few of your happiest patients to record their video testimonial, you’ll want to maximize the use of their time to create a strong, compelling video. We’ve gathered our top five tips for recording high-quality patient testimonial videos.

  1. Schedule multiple videos on the same day, when the office is quiet.

Lining up multiple interviews in one day will decrease the amount of time you and your team need to invest in this project. Make it a fun event by offering snacks and refreshments to the patients who have agreed to offer a testimonial.


2. Choose your background wisely.

Opt for a clean, well-lit, and uncluttered space to film your patient testimonial. Posters, photos, or other features may distract the viewer. In addition, avoid filming on or around items that may make viewers anxious, such as a dental chair or tools.


3. Focus on the patient’s experience.

The patient’s testimonial should feel natural to the viewer. Prompt the patient with questions from directly behind the camera, so that it appears that they are talking directly into the camera when they respond.

Remember, the patient should be the only person in the video. Filming yourself side-by-side with the patient in an interview-style testimonial can make the video less authentic.


4. Warm up the patient with easy-to-answer questions.

Even the most outgoing, exuberant patients may feel strange when they first start speaking into the camera. Warm them up with a few easy-to-answer questions, allowing them to settle into a groove before recording the actual interview. Some of these questions might include:

  • “What is your name?”
  • “What is your favorite football team?”
  • “What is your favorite holiday?”

These are questions that the patient already knows the answer to, so there is no pressure to perform. Once the patient feels settled and camera-ready, proceed into your pre-planned interview questions.

5. Prompt the patient with open-ended questions.


  • Ask open-ended questions such as, “What do you love most about visiting our office?”
  • Ask questions that relate dental care to larger concepts such as happiness or confidence such as, “How has your life changed since receiving care from Doctor ___?”


  • Ask a yes or no question such as, “Do you enjoy our practice?”
  • Interject in the middle of their answer.

Remember that patient testimonials should feel authentic, natural, and not forced. Are you interested in learning how to create effective patient testimonial videos? Schedule your complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing today.

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