Starting a Dental Practice

There are many things to consider when starting a dental practice of your own. We’ve taken the time to carefully analyze the process of starting a dental practice.

Besides marketing, you’ll need to choose a location, decide if you’ll purchase an existing practice or start from scratch. You’ll need a contractor, a designer, a management consultant to assist in hiring and setting up systems. You’ll need a dental CPA to help you appropriately allocate funds to equipment, employees, marketing and more.  Of course you’ll need a dental marketing professional to help you connect with the right kind of patients.

The process definitely seems overwhelming. Where should you begin?

Start here.

If you’re considering starting a dental practice, consider attending our Dental Practice Jump Start Event in Chicago this November. Contact Grace Rizza at (847) 629-4646 for ticket information. Seats are limited. Speakers will cover topics such as:

  • Choose the best location for your new dental practice
  • Top Mistakes Made in Office Design & Construction
  • Branding For Success
  • Marketing Must-Haves For Start Ups in 2014 & 2015
  • Hiring For Your Long term success
  • Budgeting your Build Out


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