Don’t Wait Until It Hurts

When starting a practice, it’s difficult to justify investing in marketing. If you market the practice before purchasing it, you may worry about the messaging fitting the patient base. If you wait to start your marketing until after you gain ownership, you risk running out of time to craft a marketing plan, budget and strategy.

The practices that are the most successful consider marketing early in the stages of practice ownership, even before the ink is dry. It could take time to research your market, position yourself with the most effective brand and craft a marketing plan. It also times time for certain strategies (such as SEO & social media marketing) to provide a positive ROI.

If I had one message to give to all aspiring practice owners, it’d be the same message many of you have for your patients…

Don’t wait until it hurts.

Don’t wait until your practice is exactly what you want it to be before you market it. Guide your practice by your marketing message. A well crafted brand will help you attract the right employees and patients and will accelerate your practice growth.

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