The Obvious “Secret” For Dental Practice Success

As a dentist, how do you define success?

  • Is it hitting your goal in sales and collections?
  • Is it creating an atmosphere in which you enjoy your work day?
  • Is it practice growth?

No matter how you define it, we can help you formulate ways to achieve your own success. The truth is that the success of your business depends almost solely on the experience of your patients.

Now, I know this isn’t news to you. I know that you know this already. However, have you considered all of the things that contribute to the experience of your patients?  Have you considered whether any of the following apply to you?

  1. Nancy at the front desk has a very unappealing smile. This affects how your patients view your capabilities, pricing and whether or not your staff trusts you.
  2. Samantha, your assistant, smokes.  She doesn’t brush her teeth after a cigarette. She works very closely with patients.  Don’t think your patients aren’t affected by her breath.
  3. Your waiting room is filled with random brochures, but none feature you or your unique skills. These cookie cutter freebies may help your patient understand available services, but do not help them connect you as the skilled provider.
  4. Your hygienist isn’t gentle.
  5. You didn’t ask your new patient why they are “here” or what they are looking for in a dentist. You didn’t ask why they left their last dentist. Maybe you didn’t ask if there’s anything about his/her smile he/she would like to change.
  6. You overcharged a patient who had agreed to make automatic payments monthly until a service was paid off.
  7. You didn’t honor the “whitening for life” subscription that you promised.
  8. The person who answers your phone is sometimes rude or short-tempered with patients.
  9. You make your patients wait for their appointments and you are almost always running late.

There are SO many things that can ruin a patient’s experience.  If you want to experience success (no matter how you define it), you need to consider your patient and his/her experience and for that we recommend this easy to use whitening teeth treatment.

Call us if you’d like us to help you collect feedback from your patients about their experience with you.  Losing patients? Having a hard time with reactivation, recall or collections?  We can help.

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