What Does Your Logo Color Say About You?

Identity Dental MarketingDesigning the best possible logo for your practice isn’t just about being innovative or unique. Did you know that the colors you choose can convey vastly different emotions for your patients? Research from the Institute of Color Research has shown that within the first 90 seconds of viewing a website, branding, or product, your audience will have already formed an opinion — 62% to 90% of which is based on color alone. Learn which colors to use, and when, in our latest blog.


Red — the color of excitement, movement, and strong emotion. While red can evoke feelings of compassion, it can also remind patients of blood. As a dentist, you should try to limit or eliminate the use of red in your logo and branding.


When you think of orange, what comes to mind? Orange is an energetic color that can evoke feelings of optimism, enthusiasm, or confidence. However, it can also feel like a caution sign for some patients. Orange is a bright, exciting color, but be careful with how you present it — otherwise, it can bring strain or fatigue to those viewing your branding or website.


In a similar vein to orange, yellow can trigger warm, yet cautionary feelings. Yellow is often seen as a cheerful or happy color, and combined with the right complementary color to offset its bright nature, it can work well for your practice’s unique branding. However, be careful about which shade or hue of yellow you use, avoiding gold when possible. In dentistry, gold can remind patients of gold teeth, which can date your practice’s aesthetics and techniques.


Commonly thought of as the color of nature or health, green tends to be a calming color. Green is also an easy color for eyes to process, and can evoke peaceful, trusting feelings from your logo and branding.


Blue is an incredibly diverse color. Light blues can promise comfort and trust, while darker blues can bring about feelings of stability and confidence. Picking the right shade of blue can sometimes be more difficult than picking the right color in the first place.


A color evoking wisdom and success, purple can add a creative touch to your logo and branding. However, make sure your shade of purple isn’t too deep, or it can overwhelm the rest of your color scheme. Try adding in yellow or orange to balance its richness out.


Utilizing black in your branding is tricky, but very pleasing if done properly. It can add boldness or a sense of stability to your practice branding and logo — just make sure not to overdo it.


The color of practicality, grey works well when paired with a less muted color such as blue. In addition, its variant of silver can evoke a sense of high-quality care. However, using too much grey can make your practice’s branding feel dated.


While uninteresting on its own, white is always a safe, effective pick to pair with other colors for your logo. It works with nearly every color, similar to black or grey. Utilizing white can help patients envision a clean slate, but can also evoke feelings of clinicality.

Picking the right colors, logo, and focus for your practice’s unique branding is a complex task that requires introspection, cleverness, and a keen eye. However, once you’ve found the right colors, you’ll know it. Let our team help you define your practice branding. Schedule your complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing today.

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