Does Your Community Know You Exist?

Social media marketing has finally become embraced by the dental community in 2019. Dentists are now seeing the potential and unlocking the opportunity of creating authentic content, targeted ads and even learning the art of engagement.

There’s still a very basic utilization of social media that is often misused: the good old fashioned post. Yes, a simple social media post can create powerful brand recognition. Just as you might see billboards on your way to and from work each day, you’ll also see social media posts from businesses as you scroll through your feed.

Here are 4 ways to better utilize Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms while posting.

  1. Post consistently. Weekly content that enhances your brand can contribute to brand recognition. It takes 7 impressions for someone to take action or even remember your brand.

  3. Post content that delivers an important message. Whether educating your community, reminding them of the importance of oral health care or offering an elective service, make sure for this particular method of marketing that you keep your message relevant. Do this by featuring your service offerings, practice philosophy, technology and team member highlights. Every single post should highlight a benefit for your patients.

  5. Sponsor your posts. By allocating even $20 to a post, you can choose a local audience. This is a simple task, resulting in consistent exposure for your brand. In 2010, you could get away with posting organic content that would get viewed by your followers. In 2019, this won’t get you very far. This the main reason why most companies who post content often see no ROI from their efforts.

  7. Maintain brand consistency. Make sure your posts have your logo, utilize your fonts and represent your business consistently. This increases the likelihood that your audience will think of you when it’s time to choose a dentist.

Just like billboards create brand awareness, social media posts can help your community know that you are an excellent option for their oral health care. This is a service many of our clients enjoy delegating to our team. If you’d like help with weekly, custom-branded social media posts with boost management, contact Identity Dental Marketing.

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