Dying but not Dead: Email Marketing in 2019

It appears that with the influx of automation, bulk messaging and digital marketing, email has become the most dreadful form of communication. Email is synonymous with “work” in the eyes of many people, since sifting through their inbox has become a never-ending task. To interrupt the workflow of your patients or clients for your business message is a bold move which could have severe consequences if not done in a way that brings value to your viewer. Here are 6 ways to properly utilize email marketing in 2019.

    1. Don’t overdo it. Make sure you are not emailing too frequently. Daily or weekly messages are often seen as disruptive. If you are sharing a corporate message, service offerings or brand-related messaging, limit your communication to a monthly or quarterly newsletter.

    3. Consider utilizing video messaging. By embedding an image with a link to a video, you can make your video the main focus of your message. This allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level, establish trust and deliver your content in a unique way that is more likely to cut through clutter.

    5. Share value. If your content is self-serving, your audience will tune it out. If you bring valuable insight in your communications, you will establish trust with your audience which can lead to massive, long-term growth.

    7. Make your content visually interesting. A long email with no images, video or style can be daunting. You’ll lose your reader before you even begin.

    9. Create a grabbing subject and headline. Boring messages have low open rates. Some of my favorite subject lines have open rates at or above 50%, compared to less intriguing messages which often sit around 20%. If you don’t know how to write a great headline, pick up an advertising copywriting book or perhaps hire professionals (Identity Dental Marketing.

    11. Consider a drip campaign. Allow your email to set up room for your next message. Create sequential content that leaves your audience wanting more information. There’s nothing like a cliffhanger.

Look for new ways to connect with your target market. If you haven’t begun to build your social media presence, develop a retargeting campaign and establish rankings for relevant search terms, it’s time to branch out. Email will likely continue to decline in effectiveness, being replaced with messaging apps, mobile apps and social media marketing.

If you have any questions about effective email marketing, please contact our team at Identity Dental Marketing.

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