Don’t Be Jeb


We can all learn a lesson from Jeb Bush. You may be assuming that we are referencing his political stance or campaign tactics, but that is not the case here. In fact, we at Identity Dental Marketing will always associate him with these three words: domain name fail.

You see, by the time Jeb began his presidential campaign, the domain names “,” “,” and “” were all owned by anti-Bush aligning, private citizens. These clever domain name owners leveraged their own (largely liberal) beliefs on their respective sites and gave reason for Americans to view Bush as incompetent.

But perhaps worst of all, when “” expired, GOP front runner, Donald Trump, purchased it and forwarded anyone who entered “” to his own campaign site. This political move highlights just how important domain name ownership—and retention—is in 2016.

If you’re thinking these schemes only play out in politics, think again. We’ve seen hardworking, ethical dentists instantly lose a return on investment after unknowingly letting a domain name expire.

Some marketing companies do not allow their clients to retain rights to their domain name. They often insist on managing the domain name, in an attempt to force client loyalty.

At Identity Dental Marketing, we assist our clients when choosing the most strategic domain name. Depending on your situation, we may recommend purchasing rights to one or more domain names. We may also assist you in reclaiming your domain name and helping you to gain control of it, if needed.  As always, we have your best interest in mind. We won’t let our clients repeat Jeb’s mistakes.

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