Dental Marketing Mistake #1

What makes you different? Why do your patients stay loyal to you?

These are the questions to answer when defining your brand. Once you’ve defined your core values, you will create your “branding”, the materials that support your brand (or reputation). Your branding helps your patients learn about your core values at a glance. It helps shape how the community perceives you.

Many dentists know they need a logo, tagline and business cards, but often stop the branding process too soon. There are many opportunities to enhance your brand. One major opportunity lies in your printed materials.

All too often when visiting dental offices, I see stacks upon stacks of template brochures. Whether about periodontal disease, decay, clear aligners, fluoride, or the practice as a whole, each generic brochure that you display takes away from your brand.

What are you telling patients when you hand them a template brochure? First, you are telling them that all dentists are the same. You’re whispering to them, that any dentist who offers periodontal care or clear aligners or dental veneers, does this in the same manner. You are telling them, “Hey, there’s nothing special about me, my veneers or my team.” You are creating a “shopper”.

You know them well. The patients that call your office and ask, “What do you charge for a cleaning?” They think, because of unbranded dental marketing, that all dentists are the same.

Take control of your brand (reputation). Show your patients why they need to stay loyal to you for all of the oral health care needs. Use your printed, educational materials to educate your patients. After all, you’ve invested several hours in your education, several dollars in your materials and equipment, you’ve spent time finding the best team. Let your patients know WHY they need to choose you–time and again.

Throw away those template brochures that take away your opportunity to stand out.

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