Is Your Dental Google Ad Campaign Optimized?

Google Ads has come a long way from its beginnings as AdWords in 2000. While it still functions as a way for businesses to bid for advertising in the Google search space, it has far more nuances, refinements, and robust features. As a more complex tool, it is important for you to leverage everything Google has to offer. 

Today, if you are operating a simple pay-per-click campaign or trying to wing it, you are probably losing a significant amount of money. Here are tips on how to set up a Google Ads campaign that will optimize results.

Set a Realistic Goal

How many patients do you need to grow, and what is the average cost to acquire a new patient? You must factor in the level of competition in your market to create an estimate. We can assist you with setting realistic expectations after factoring in your ad focus, offer (if applicable), ad spend, and competition.  

Optimize Your Keyword Strategy

You must know the specific search terms your audience is looking for and ascertain the demand for those terms. If you haven’t set specific search terms and utilized exact match phrases, you may be mismanaging your ad spend. 

Utilize Negative Keywords 

Negative search terms prevent Google from wasting ad spend with automatic settings, which include showing your ad for all “dental” related searches. Without setting specific keywords to avoid, Google can zip through your budget, while showing your ads to people seeking “free” or “cheap” care.  

“These little extra steps are the difference between a new patient acquisition cost of $150 and one that costs $300,” says Grace Rizza, founder and CEO of Identity Dental Marketing

Leverage Retargeting (also known as “Remarketing”) and Display Ads

By leveraging remarketing, you’ll benefit from additional exposure to relevant traffic. After a patient visits your site, they’ll see subtle, beautiful graphic ads showcasing your business on future online activity. Reaching them this way is highly cost effective, immediately builds brand recognition, and allows prospective patients to continually learn about you and your selling points. This feature can complement a PPC strategy and allow more bang for your buck on Google. 

Hire Identity Dental Marketing 

Many dentists and business owners will undertake a do-it-yourself Google Ads campaign to avoid paying a professional. Almost always, however, management fees are dwarfed by lost revenue from targeting mistakes. 

As a reputable dental marketing agency serving the dental profession since 2009, the Digital Marketing team at Identity Dental Marketing has a great deal of experience optimizing Google ad campaigns. We keep current on all Google certifications and tools, and have consistently proven results shown both in Google Analytic reports and actual new patient reports.  

Let us help you target the right audience, use effective keyword strategy, and optimize your digital marketing budget. 

Identity Dental Marketing offers transparency in ad spend, and often requires no long-term commitment. Register for your Complimentary Marketing Planning Session with Grace today. 

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