The Key to Successful Dental Practice Leadership

You may have a great team, top-notch technology and a good name in the community you serve, but if you are not consistent in your business practices and in your leadership style, you are missing out on a key piece of dental practice success. Consistency is such a big component that your practice can’t be truly successful without it.

What does consistency in leadership look like? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your team know when you are available, and what your schedule looks like?
  • Do they know when to ask questions and when to wait?
  • Do they know how to find resources that will enable them to succeed in their role?

If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, you are on the right track. However, there is more to consistency in leadership than protocol. If you want to strengthen your team from the top down, you need to keep the best version of yourself front and center as much as possible.

We all have bad days; we’re human! Leaders, however, must learn to compartmentalize and put their best foot forward.

The ‘game face” is typically easy to pull off with patients, but what about staff?

“Do they know which version of you they are going to walk into on a Monday morning? Do they deal with your mood swings and your stress and your overwhelm?” asks Grace Rizza, CEO and founder of Identity Dental Marketing. “Keep in mind that whatever energy you bring to your team is going to be absorbed and amplified, and that energy is going to be shared with your patients.”

Another consistent quality you want to share with patients relates to marketing. You want to put out a steady stream of community-minded and educational messages, so you become a trusted source of oral health information. One proven way to achieve this is by putting out short, weekly educational videos on social media or on YouTube via your website.

One way to torpedo efforts at achieving consistency is to start one marketing program and abandon it in favor of another before you know whether it’s really working. Some approaches take time to see results; others require some expertise that you may not have, or a multipronged approach that you do not have the time to implement. After all, patients should be your focus.

If you want strategies to implement top-down consistency, hone your marketing skills, and increase momentum with your team and practice growth, reach out to Identity Dental Marketing. Email Grace Rizza directly at

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