10 Dental Marketing Myths

1. You get what you pay for.

Almost every dentist I work with has been burned in the past by an over priced program that has under delivered.  Price and results do not always directly correlate.

2. As a dentist, you should just walk into the operatory and go to work, without having to worry about your staff, meetings, marketing or any other facet of your business.

This ideal is unrealistic and a ploy to get you to buy into that HUGE marketing and consulting plan being pitched at that seminar. With a well-trained and positive manager, you can focus more on dentistry.  This doesn’t mean that you should ever completely let go of your business decisions including marketing and hiring.

3. Patients think that dentists who market their services are desperate for business and must not be that great at dentistry.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Marketing for dentists and other medical fields is not only accepted, it’s well received.  Patients tend to trust a well branded practice.  Patients rely on dental marketing to help encourage them to get the regular professional dental care.

4. You NEED Facebook and SEO and mailers and advertising and brochures and everything or your marketing plan is horrible.

Not. True. You can compete with a few select marketing strategies. As your recommended marketing strategies work, you can always expand.  Just because you aren’t comfortable investing thousands of dollars with a company or consultant that you barely know, doesn’t mean that you can’t start slow.

5. All SEO plans are the same.

Different strategies are used to get you ranked.  Some large SEO companies try to keep you dependent by making your efforts reversible.  All of our SEO is permanent.

6. You don’t need marketing because you get patient referrals.

If you are hoping to attract more new patients, then you can benefit from marketing. Some marketing efforts can cost less than $100 to attract a new patient.

7. We don’t need marketing because we already advertise in the newspaper and its already set for the year.

Your marketing may be out dated.  You may be missing out on opportunities with a much higher ROI.

8. Our marketing budget is spent, therefore we shouldn’t consider anything else.

You can re-allocate your budget to more effective marketing plan. Ask us for a free consultation to determine where you should be focusing your marketing budget.

9. Our marketing is working because we get new patients from it.

Look at the costs of the efforts versus the return on your investment. Ask an expert if the return is high enough to keep the effort.

10. We should do marketing that is either cheap or free.

FALSE.  If you spend $800 on a bunch of little programs that don’t bring in new business, it’s a loss of $800.  If you spend $1,600 on an effort that brings in 5 new patients that accepted treatment, you’ve produced a positive ROI.

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