Dental Office Holiday Party Ideas

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Do you have a team of 5-10 and are you seeking fun holiday party ideas? Here are some games that can make this year’s celebration one to remember!

Grace Rizza, CEO Identity Dental Marketing
  1. Trivia Quiz: Create holiday-themed trivia questions and divide the group into teams. The team with the most correct answers wins a prize.
  2. White Elephant Gift Exchange: Each person brings a wrapped gift, and participants take turns choosing a gift or “stealing” one from someone else. It’s always a hilarious and entertaining game.
  3. Charades: Split the group into teams and act out holiday-related phrases or scenes without speaking. It’s a classic game that can be a lot of fun.
  4. Pictionary: Similar to charades, but with drawing instead of acting. Teams take turns drawing and guessing holiday-themed words or phrases.
  5. Bingo: Create holiday-themed bingo cards with items related to your company or industry. Play several rounds with small prizes for winners.
  6. Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of holiday-themed items or clues that participants need to find around the venue or office. The first team to complete the hunt wins.
  7. Holiday Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app have participants sing their favorite holiday songs. You can even have a panel of judges for added fun.
  8. Board Games: Set up a board game area with options like Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, or Scrabble for smaller groups to enjoy.
  9. DIY Craft Station: Provide craft supplies for holiday-themed DIY projects like ornament decorating, card-making, or gingerbread house decorating.
  10. Holiday Movie Trivia: Create a trivia game based on popular holiday movies. Test your group’s knowledge of classic films like “A Christmas Carol” or “Home Alone.”
  11. Minute to Win It: Set up a series of one-minute challenges using common household items. It’s a great way to add some excitement to the party.
  12. Dance-Off: Clear a space for dancing and have a dance-off competition. You can even have a prize for the best dancer or dance group.
  13. Cooking or Baking Competition: Organize a holiday-themed cooking or baking competition. Participants can form teams and prepare dishes or desserts to be judged.
  14. Holiday Costume Contest: Encourage participants to come dressed in their best holiday-themed costumes. Have a panel of judges or let everyone vote for their favorite costume.

Remember to consider the preferences and comfort levels of your group when choosing games and activities. Enjoy your corporate holiday party!

Merry Christmas!

Grace Rizza, Identity Dental Marketing

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